As technology is helping us to reduce human efforts, it’s also considered the biggest curse when it comes to user’s privacy. We know that Google is the boss in every field as it has over 1.5 billion people’s information (from Gmail). We hear every day in the news about Governments and tech giants are fighting over the user’s privacy. And Google among the one that is invading user’s privacy.

Well, if you have a smartphone and using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well any Google’s pre-installed apps, then you are being tracked by my friends. That’s right! The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) say that users are now awake, and they are inquiring about the unseen ways of Google tracks us and reveal our information to third parties without consent. Yes, even Google is anonymously watching you and stabbing you by disclosing your data to other companies. But still, to rescue the concerned users, you should use Duck Duck Go and remove Search Encrypted like fake engines as the DuckDuckGo knows as the most trustworthy private search engine.

That’s a smart move, I guess, don’t you think so?

You might be wondering how it could be possible, if so, then let me tell you. Whenever a user decides to join a new social media platform, he or she have agreed to willing share the personal data to the company in order to keep connected with friend and loved once online. Users think it’s free, but they are not sure that it’s a trade. You share information with them to touch with their friends and family; the companies use your data to make sure the costs and benefits of your data to use for different purpose. Once the company decided, they sell your information to the third party or use it to advertisers to target ads. This is how it works! But maybe in a wider range, who knows! Well, still you can use Tutanota-the best Gmail encrypted service to keep your mails untraceable.

You know one the fact that Google knows you better than your friends and family. That’s weird! But why? Because you are letting them know you. Let me give you an example if you are pregnant, but you haven’t told anybody yet, but suddenly, you start to see ads related to pregnancy products and stuff for new babies. That’s very frightening!

Here are some point will give you some ideas about how Google always watching you with the third eye.

  • For sure, we use a smartphone, and Google is an Android-based OS that runs on every device. These days, we mostly keep the location feature on, and Google keeps eyes on your every place with the help of location feature, and Google keeps storing your location.
  • As most of us use Google Chrome browser, it also stored your entire search history across all your devices in vary database without your permission. Even if you delete the search history, Google still has your data on other devices you used with Google ID.
  • Google also knows every minor detail about yourself, which includes your age, gender, likes, dislikes, country, relationship status, current job, and more. This personal information Google uses to know ads on every website. Yes, these ads are shown by Google according to your search and preferences.
  • Google also knows your daily activity from waking up in the morning to sleeping in the night. They know which apps and extension you are using for which purposes.
  • In 2018, Google revealed that over 1 billion people are using Google Drive storage to save data, and Google also keep your data in the database even if you have deleted your Google drive data.

Not only Google, even your Doctor, Banks, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, and every minor company or firm where you have submitted your personal information ought to be used as invading your privacy. In won’t be an invasion of privacy if Google is keeping it to itself or only sharing with you with your permission. Lots of laws and regulations are there for consumers, but people are not able to understand it and feel that that they don’t have any option except accept it. Well, the world is not ending here; worst is yet to come!

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