If you love creating and write blogs with different content most of the time then Tumblr or Tumblr alternatives sites are the best free options for you. Tumblr provides you the platform to post the content you want to share with other users and viewers. The content can be in text, photos, videos, audio, and other media. Tumblr is also great for finding people with similar interests as yours and other things like music, art, comedy, sports and many other things miscellaneous things from Tumblr users. Overall it is a good social media platform just like Facebook where you can follow some people’s content and you can create your own content and post it on the site for the public’s views.

So if you know you are a creative person and you can make interesting content to attract a group of specific people then blogging is one of the best options to spit out your creativity and Tumblr is the best for you. Here, you are allowed to blog anything and share it. You can also share other people’s blogs to garner more viewers. Users are allowed to send direct messages to other users and follow them to get the notification of their content. But NSFW content on Tumblr is allowed and that may be the issue you want some of the best alternatives to Tumblr to start blogging. FYI, the porn is now banned on Tumblr now so you can start blogging without the fear of encountering such content on Tumblr but still if you are looking for some similar stuff then in this article, we are going to tell you some of the best apps like Tumblr or Tumblr alternatives sites that will be the best for you if you are looking create your blog or website that can attract more users or visitors.

Best Sites Like Tumblr


Blogger is believed to be the best Tumblr alternative. Blogger lets you publish your interest, your passions, your own unique way, and anything that you have in your mind. You can create and design beautiful blogs and it’s all for free. Obviously, with free service, the functionality is not all there but they’re simple blogs that you can start posting your own content choosing a unique design and get a free domain. You can even start earning some money if your blog becomes popular. So it’s a fun app if you’re looking into getting blogging.


Another great app like Tumblr is WordPress. WordPress lets you create unforgettable websites just about anything, any category or topics you want to cover in your own blog. You can build your own WordPress, have your own URL dot WordPress for your website and similar to blogger create your own blog. And, you can also discover other people’s blogs on WordPress and share their blogs as well. It has everything you need to do within seconds or minutes. You can really get up a website for yourself and start blogging and doing a free plan. There’s completely free and then obviously the paid versions that offer a lot more features as well. But it is a great app to start if you want to get into blogging.


The last one we want to talk about is Weebly. Weebly is a bit more intelligent and built more with functionality features in it. It is completely free and you can create your website and blog on this site. It supports all the devices so you can now create your amazing blog right from your Android or iOS device. Users can easily upload photos from their device with drag and drop website builder design. Weebly is very simple and sleek that you can easily publish your thoughts and monitor the activity of your site. Weebly is really a great alternative to Tumblr if you are looking to start your blog for free. If you want to create a website for your business the Weebly is a great option for you as well because there are a lot of themes on the site like online store, personal, and many more.

Final Words:

So these are some of the best tumbler alternatives that you can use to start blogging or create your website for personal or business purposes. They are free to use but you can avail of some premium additional features with its paid version. If you know some other alternatives of Tumblr then you can tell us and our users in the comment box

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