Beautypedia is a web initiative by beauty expert Pula Begoun who is in the business for more than 30 years and she has written “Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me” in nine editions. Here at Beautypedia, you can get the most reliable and true reviews on thousands of products of beauty and skincare. You get to know all the information regarding the use of the products and what is best suitable for your skin type. Beautypedia is committed to providing you the honest reviews about all types of cosmetic products. Paula and team have also launched their own line up of skin and beauty care products named Paula’s Choice Skincare. They are striving to offer you the product you can rely on.

The main and primary objective of Beautypedia is to give its readers the highest standard of facts, excellence, and honest information about various cosmetic products. Some people who are so conscious about their skin that they don’t want to use every next product come in the market. So a detailed informative review is much needed for all the products. In the review, you can know what has the effects of the products on various skin types. In conclusion, you can choose should I try this product for myself and is it suitable for my skin type.

The team at Beautypedia uses all the cosmetic products for a few days and they will also tell you if there are any side effects of the products. No membership or login is required to watch and read the reviews. Beautypedia is available as a web application and its Android and iOS apps are also available for absolutely free download and use. So next time you want to buy some cosmetic, we would recommend you to “Beautypedia” it, instead “Google” it.

Download Beautypedia on your Device

You can easily download and install the Beautypedia app on your Android and iOS app from their respective App Store. We have given a direct download link of the app in here.

Download Beautypedia APK for Android

Download Beautypedia for iPhone and iPad

How Beautypedia’s reviews are important | How Beautypedia is helpful

You may think that when Beautypedia’s creator Paula has her own skincare products then their reviews about other products must be biased. But you should know that the team of Beautypedia and Paula herself have been analyzing and reviewing cosmetics since 1979 so it is way before the launch of Paula’s products. Paula still gives reviews about the products without being biased and does her best to help other women finding the best beauty and skincare products. It is very hard to choose a product that suits you the best brand for you from a wide range of products for every skin type and beauty concern. Having Beautypedia’s own products in the market will never affect the objectivity and dedication to the facts and reviews. It hasn’t and won’t ever change its standards and integrity that it owes to its readers.

Beautypedia provides research-based facts and viewpoints on all major brands along with their own products and you can decide what suits your style and which product works best for you. Honesty and being unbiased are the things by which Beautypedia has been the name of trusted reviews for the past 30 years.

How does Beautypedia rate the products | How to check the ratings of beautypedia

Beautypedia works and provides you honest and genuine reviews about the products with wholesome details with the objective that no one needs to use a product that isn’t good for their skin and health. Here, are standard ratings which are given to the products and how you can find the cosmetic product for you.

  • Five stars – (Superior) Five Star rated product are world-class products which have all the required and necessary ingredients for the skin.
  • Four stars – (Excellent) These are best in every aspect but still, they lack some necessary ingredients or have performance issues which can affect the decision of purchasing the product.
  • Three stars – (Average) Three-star rated products may not contain key ingredients or a more basic formula but they still worth is their price is considerably low.
  • Two stars – (Below average) These products aren’t worth to try as they don’t have the key formula, local packaging and don’t live up to its price.
  • One star – (Poor) Such products are disappointing in every aspect. They are bad in performance, poor packaging, and even worth to try by spending even $4.

Final Words:

In final words, we would like you to know that Beautypedia is the place you need to visit for guidance before you decide to buy a new beauty or skincare product. You will be given accurate and unbiased reviews about the products and then you can decide which suits your personality and skin type.

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