People of the company are the real assets of the company and that is why with changing technology, a company has to provide dynamic techs so people can enrich their work. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro is one of the leading software services that is being used by many big companies from almost every sector. It doesn’t only help the managers to handle their employees but employees can also get the benefits of UltiPro to get their queries or things done without having to go to HR or support teams frequently. And all this is easier and more convenient with the UltiPro Mobile app.

Advantages of UltiPro Mobile App

So, if you are using and UltiPro or thinking of applying this system in your company then a mobile app from UltiPro is assuredly going to convince you. With UltiPro Mobile applications both, managers and the employees can access all the information that is significant to them regardless of where they are.

Employees just need to install the UltiPro mobile app on their iOS or Android smartphone and they can access all the crucial information and beneficial HR things directly from the app. Along with improving the experience of the employees, UltiPro mobile app also helps them to handle their time which boosts their productivity.

Features of UltiPro Mobile App

  • UltiPro Mobile App sends real-time notifications since it synchronizes all the data quickly.
  • It allows managers to make a response to their employees’ queries and requests directly from the inbox of the mobile application from UltiPro.
  • It presents a graphical pay insight, so it becomes easier for employees to understand their salary and payments.
  • All the information and data entered in the UltiPro mobile application are safe and cannot be accessed by any other user, even your manager without permission.

What Should You Use UltiPro Mobile App – User Reviews

Deborah Harrison

Director of HR Systems

George Washington Medical Facility Associates

“UltiPro allows employees to go in and see their data in real-time. They can look at their data anytime or anywhere that they have internet capability. They can use it on their phone because they have the mobile app, they can use it while they’re at the airport they can use it at a coffee shop, wherever they are or if they’re at home they can make their changes right away.”

“If you have employees who are constantly calling your HR team for assistance or if you have clinicians who are constantly relying on paper, you’re slowing down their level of capability and level of productivity because they’re having to go to another person to get something done. Ultipro allows them to do it themselves. People like being self-sufficient. They don’t want to be dependent upon paper or dependent upon making a phone call and the system allows them to do that.”

Cindi Petro

Payroll Manager


“We have sixty-three locations throughout Ohio Indiana and there’s three in Michigan where a restaurant and fast food – everybody knows Wendy’s. In our industry and our employees, most of them all they have is a cellphone so, the mobile app o UltiPro has been very handy for them. It has been very helpful to me to have the append now we have a lot of less employee calls about what’s wrong with their paycheck since they can actually look at that and see what’s going on with it.”

Genevieve McClellan

Vice President

Related Companies

“Related is a company that deals in real estate development and property management. The UltiPro mobile app is really important for a lot of our maintenance staff, janitors, and the people who aren’t sitting in front of a computer all day long since they’re out on the properties. They are you know doing their jobs while on the go but with the mobile app, they are able to check their own information and make updates from anywhere.”

Laura Frederickson


Village Health Clubs and Spa

“At Village Health Clubs and Spa, we actually have four high-end health clubs in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler. The mobile app from UltiPro has been an absolute lifesaver. Because it really allows us to cater to a population that is there 17 hours a day, seven days a week at any given time. So, this mobile service from Ultimate Software’s UltiPro has been great for us.”

Karen Brodie

HR Director

WinSport Canada

“My favorite thing about UltiPro right now to be honest is probably the mobile app. With our demographic that we have in our organization and with our seasonal team members, they want something that is right at their fingertips and on their phones. People go in and they are able to check their time cards. They are able to double-check the hours that should be processed at the time or ahead of time and then those get rectified before payroll is done.”

“Again, it is an engagement piece nobody wants to do the job and not get paid, and then the fact that we have reduced our number of clocks that we have had. People are just clocking in. They are just punching in from their phone and punching out from the phone so, It’s just way easier for us right now with UltiPro Mobile Application.”