Learning from video games is such a weird thing to tell but sometimes they really do. Of course, this medium should emphasis on the entertainment of the players and not to teach them. However, it can happen that you take something out of a good game and in a completely different way also from the worst game as well. Games might teach you something about yourself, something for life, or simply accumulate useless knowledge that you can never get out of your brain again. Here, what a game like Undertale can teach us that we cannot learn from books and movies. We have included from life-changing wisdom to foolish nonsense here.

As you are here, you might be familiar with Undertale as it is already a huge hit. Plus, it is one of those games that surprisingly hides a lot of depth and emotions behind an apparently harmless pixel facade and ingenious humor. Initially, it was for the PC users only but a few years ago it was made available for gaming consoles as well. A many-sided game like this provides all sorts of things you can still contemplate after switching off your PC or console. Here are the realizations that came in our complicated young minds after playing Undertale.

Important: Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t played Undertale yet, we advise you to do it as soon as possible and read on afterward. (Only if you don’t like spoilers)

Monsters/Bad GuysAlso Have Feelings

How many enemy creatures have we pitied without mercy in various role-playing games and without questioning it? Maybe more than thousands or even hundreds of thousands. It is difficult for us to give a number because many games inflate the indiscriminate killing of monsters and promote them by leveling up. And we never even thought that maybe the player and not the virtual creature is the real bad guy until we played Undertale.

The game is perfect in showing the player that even digital beings have a reason to live, yes, even dreams, family, and friends. Undertale rubs your moral cruelty cleverly and relentlessly under your nose. The monster’s father wonders what happened to his son, who went out into the world to become a comedian. Does something ring? Exactly, that was the (not really) weird bird that you knocked out ten minutes ago. Feels pretty bad, doesn’t it?

We Need More 8-Bit Music in Our Music Collection

8-bit and chiptune music has always reminded us of our childhood games and made our heart beat faster in the rhythm of electronic beats. we don’t know why either, but we always feel comfortable when the melodic sounds coming through my speakers. Nevertheless, we never really looked at the genre and it looked empty in our music collection with regard to 8-bit tracks.

When we played Undertale and honestly thought every two minutes: “How good is this song please?” We suddenly realized two things i.e. we need the Undertale soundtrack on our computer and second, there is definitely room for this ear-good mix genre in my playlists on the smartphone or iPod. Listen to Undertale’s Megalovania or Spider Dance, you will know what we are saying.

Past Decisions Affect the Rest of Our Lives

In Undertale, all of your decisions affect the rest of the game. Till the end. No matter how often you click on restart. The video game remembers in some magical way how you acted in the past and keeps referring to it. And the worst part is that once you choose the genocide route, you have no chance of ever seeing a truly happy ending.

And isn’t that also a parable of real life? Of course, you can reflect, apologize for mistakes and learn from them but the past always remains unchangeable and influences yourself and your environment in the here and now. And the worst thing among them all is that you have to live with that.