Competition is rife amongst students worldwide. The competition to study abroad has become enormous. Contestants are studying harder than before, competing to get the best grades.

To give yourself a successful start on the right foot when you begin your career or life in general, you will want to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. Below are tips for university students to compete internationally:


Hackathon Teams

Hackathons are an excellent way for students to learn to work with others in a competitive environment. The skills they learn will help them in the workplace, whether working as part of a team or starting their own business.

Moreover, hackathons usually last around 24 hours and are designed to create new products or services that solve real-world problems. Teams of developers, designers, and business people come together to develop their ideas into a prototype before presenting them to judges.

Hackathon teams can compete at local, national, and international levels. They can also compete online by submitting video pitches instead of physical presentations.

Some universities have hackathon competitions where students can compete against other universities worldwide. They also have access to mentors who can help with technical issues throughout the competition.

Debate Clubs

Debate clubs are an excellent way for students to gain experience in a competitive environment. While you can find debate clubs in many high schools and colleges, some universities have an entire debate team that competes nationally and internationally. These teams include students from all majors. However, they often have a specific focus on international relations, economics, and politics.

Debate clubs are an excellent way for students to learn more about current events and policies while developing crucial public speaking and research skills. They also allow students to travel internationally and meet other students who share their interests.

Volunteer or Study Abroad

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in a new country while helping people in need. You can gain valuable skills from experience such as at This includes teaching English or working on projects supporting the local community’s social or environmental goals.

Volunteering abroad also allows you to network with like-minded individuals who have similar interests and goals. Thus, it can help you develop your professional network in the long term.

Studying abroad is another option available to university students. It allows you to immerse yourself in another culture while gaining academic credits toward your degree. You may also be able to work on-campus or off-campus while studying abroad. This depends on the program offered by your university or college.

Writing Competitions

International competitions are an excellent way for students to gain exposure and improve their writing skills. They can also be a good way for students to earn money for college.

Students should start by considering the type of competition they want to enter. Many competitions, including essays, short stories, and poetry contests. The most popular competitions may also have age requirements or restrictions on nationality or location.

A student can find out more information about each competition by visiting the website or contacting the sponsor directly. Alternatively, you can turn to a paper writing service for a professional essay.

Social Entrepreneur Opportunities

The social entrepreneurship space has become a very popular option for students who want to use their degree and passion for a good cause. Social entrepreneurship is using entrepreneurial skills to solve social and environmental problems.

You can get involved in this field by starting your own business, volunteering at an NGO, or working for an existing social enterprise. Many companies offer paid internships and even full-time positions to give you valuable experience while helping those in need.

Startup-Focused Career Fairs

The best way to get your foot in the door at a startup is by getting hired as an intern. That is because most startups don’t have the resources or manpower to employ full-time employees right away. You need someone who can work with minimal supervision, be flexible with their hours and adapt well to changing situations.

While there are many resources for finding internships, including a different database of startups looking for interns, attending startup career fairs is one of the best ways to meet recruiters from other companies.

Final Takeaway

Whether you want to get more involved or expand your horizons, competitions are a great way to learn new skills and network with other students and mentors. Moreover, you can always turn to experts’ at the best writing services for quality work when preparing for your presentations.

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