Popcornflix is a legal online streaming website that offers free movies and TV shows. This free movie streaming service is owned by Screen Media Venture. It is legal and free so, the only source of income for the owner is advertising and that is why you may have to deal with commercials while watching movies and TV shows on Popcornflix. The collection of movies and TV series here cannot be compared with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but you get a decent classic collection for leisure time. Here, we are going to show some of the best alternatives to Popcornflix in 2021.


Best Similar Sites like Popcornflix 2021 | 7 Popcornflix Alternatives


FMovies is perhaps the most recognized free movie streaming on the internet and that’s what makes it one of the best Popcornflix alternatives. It allows users to watch movies and series for free from any device. You don’t need to download any application or install heavy software to stream its entire content catalog.

FMovies gives you the opportunity to watch all your favorite content online in the best quality available. Some movies are available even in 4K, the best in the market. In fact, some options include links and download buttons to see them at any time and from your computer, on the PC, using a laptop and even, passing it to a smart TV using a USB memory as a transmission medium. We can tell you that it is the best of all.


Nothing like PubFilm, that is more than clear. This platform is widely used because it is one of the few that provides all its content in HD without having to go through HQ options and that it does not drop below 1080p but you can change the quality option. It has multiple servers for streaming so you will enjoy hassle-free streaming service.

In that sense, PubFilm will not only let you watch all your favorite movies online, an opportunity that is worth a lot in itself. But also, you will have the option to download it so you can view them offline and wherever you want. You have the option to choose the quality of the files and even with subtitles, in case the movie or series is in other languages. Along with movies and TV shows, Popcornflix alternative has got anime collection for you as well.


MovieGaga could be one of the best and premium-like alternative to Popcornflix. MovieGaga is widely used and accepted among all kinds of audiences since it provides us with movies and Tv shows of all the genres. Everything is organized in a dynamic catalog that is quite intuitive and that closely resembles the most recognized streaming services such as HBO Max.

It should be noted that MovieGaga will not allow you to download the content. You find movies in English and other foreign language movies with subtitles abound, mainly if they have not yet been released in the English. In addition, you now have the option of selecting the streaming quality for the files, as well as the streaming speed, but this depends, above all, on your internet speed, among other variables to consider.


We get to the point of the controversy with 123movies, but it is very difficult to stop talking about this great free movie website. And, the platform has been subject to several blockades in different countries of the world, including some parts of Europe and the US, because it has been accused of providing content protected by copyright in those areas, which has led to removing their websites. But none of that has been enough to get it out of the game and that is why it is among the top sites like Popcornflix to watch movies.

123movies has decided to continue appearing among the list of the best sites to watch movies online for free in HD, so there is still hope to enjoy all its content. Now you can see all the series you want and you will also find movies among other extraordinary genres. The homepage allows you to search and watch any movie or TV show very quickly.


Going up a little level in terms of the type of content we find, IOmovies is a platform that also offers us classification content for adults. Not so much the size of pornography, because it is not a service that is dedicated to these audiovisuals, but there are movies that are very “high” for having super strong scenes, and this is where you will be able to find them. Many of them have been blocked and censored in various countries as well, hence their strength.

In addition, Re Pelis also stands out for providing movies, series, and cartoons for all audiences. Be it the children’s genres and productions, up to the great adult films that you are surely looking for. You can view them online from their “mirror” links, but you will also be able to take advantage of the download area to see them on all your devices whenever you want. And of course, choose the quality and the default language, depending on what you are looking for.


Perhaps with Pelispedia, you will not come across a catalog as extensive and complete as if it were provided by the other sites on this list, but all that is rewarded by the quality of the files available. Pelispedia is a Spanish site to watch and download movies from the internet. The site is mainly available in Spanish and made in order to target Spanish users but it has all the popular English movies and TV shows in HD collection. There are minimum chances of this site of getting blocked so you can use it as one of the best Popcornflix alternatives.

Sony Crackle

We have mentioned Crackle on this list because it is a free legal online streaming service just like Popcornflix. It has a good collection of movies and TV shows. It can be accessed on its website and the app for iOS and Android devices is also available. As we said it is free and similar to Popcornflix so, it is obvious that you will have to go through fewer ads while watching movies for free online. Many of Sony’s classic movies and shows and other content are available here.

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