Best Interesting Factors of Rummy- Then and Now

The mention of rummy brings a smile on our face. Rummy is so close to our heart that even today we play rummy with circle of friends with the same spirit and enthusiasm that existed several decades ago too. With the introduction of digital games, social card games like rummy have evolved into a new avatar -fast-paced, fun and with diverse challenges. As the rules of the game and its magic continue to stay intact even to this day, there are certain factors of the game which have transformed from its earlier glory to its current excitement.

Curious? Below are 6factors that you may want to know about the interesting journey circle of rummy from then to now.


1#. Play as you wish

Then: In the earlier days, you always had to wait for a partner(s) every time you felt like playing. Whether it was a holiday or lazy weekends, you had to look out for partners.

Now: Online rummy is bang opposite from what it was earlier. No matter where you are or alone you are you can start playing rummy by finding players online. What’s more? These games are available 24×7 and you can always find players.

2#. Pace of the game

Then: In the good old days, the element of time was not that crucial as the players took their own time to pick or discard the cards.

Now: The virtual version of rummy is fast-paced suitable for today’s generation who enjoy the adrenaline rush. Players have to make their moves within the stipulated time. If you miss continuously three turns, you are out of the game automatically.

3#. Selection of the dealer

Then: During the there-digitization period, the dealer was selected randomly by the method of toss who later dealt the cards to each player.

Now: Today, the dealer is not selected; rather, the system deals the cards to all players at the start of the game.

4#. Cards distribution

Then: The selected dealer shuffled and distributed the cards to all the players.Although it was the accepted norm, there was always an element of doubt wiggling in your mind but never spoken.

Now: With rummy online, shuffling and distribution of cards to players are automated. An algorithm for Radom Number Generation (RNG) allocates the cards to the players making the system transparent and fair for the players.

5#. Types of games

Then: Earlier, you played rummy either with a small pot money or enjoyed playing purely for recreational purposes along with your family and friends.

Now: With online rummy, it is a “games galore”. You may choose to play from the several free and cash games, in addition to the playing the different variants of 13 card rummy. You may also play free games but win real cash prizes too.

#6. Promotions

Then: It was the same set of players without much excitement neither in terms of the challenges nor the promotions.

Now: Innumerable promotions and offers are the hallmarks of today’s online rummy game. Players may enjoy playing as much as games they wish by availing offers and promotions and taking part in the tournaments too.


Rummy has come a long way. But, with online rummy the game appears even better and interesting than ever before.

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