The programmers market is highly stratified and there’re a few of entry-level IT jobs, which are highly paid from the very beginning. The career in the field of iOS today is popular, as there is a high demand in the labor market, exciting projects, and high salaries. How difficult is it to start working in IT with specialization in iOS? What are these best jobs for 2019? Is it really necessary to have five years of experience to apply and start? What frameworks do you need to know? How important are they, and how difficult is it to master them?


# 1 Application software developer

This area involves the development of computer and mobile applications for clients, such as games and schedules. This software is created for a specific user or company, or for selling on the market. This area may well be suitable for a novice developer, since the complexity of the tasks varies, and you can always find a job for a beginner.

iOS developer salary average in the US is $ 76,000.

# 2 Technical editor

This job position is also known as Content Developer and benefits you with a possibility to understand all the peculiarities of the structural and functional organization of a particular IT company. Such a job is the best for those desiring to work in IT but who lack relevant experience in the industry. Even if you are not quite good at writing, you can try to find who can write my essay application to a Content Developer job or even perform a test task from the company. It is most likely that the position won’t entail writing extended articles. Technical editors are usually asked to organize the needed information in a compelling way to present for internal or external projects. This post presumes one to know the app architecture to be able to correct toolbars, navigation bars, or status bars.

The national average salary for a Technical Editor is $54,247 in the US.

# 3 Frontend & backend developer

In the case of Apple, the separation of these two aspects is not as clear as in other platforms. At its core, the backend is a data access layer, and the frontend is a presentational layer. The frontend is the client side of any application. The winning side of iOS applications is that creating a backend may not be necessary at all. So if you are interested in development, you can save time on mastering the backend.

iOS frontend dev salary average in the US is $ 65,000.

# 4 Swift developer

A new programming language for OS X and iOS called Swift can open the door to the world of developers. This language works great with Objective-C. In addition to planning, design, and implementation of the application, the responsibilities of a novice can include monitoring the performance and quality of the application, as well as bug fixing.

Swift dev salary average in the US is $ 65,000.

# 5 Quality Assurance

This area is also a suitable vector in your career as an iOS Developer. Quality assurance includes reviews of requirements, technical documents, and specifications. This is necessary to provide meaningful feedback. Track bugs, create structured test plans and so on. This work will help you master the aspects of the application and give the necessary experience for further career growth.

Quality Assurance salary average in the US is $ 110,000.

# 6 Database developer

As a database developer, you will be responsible for collecting data before developing a database. You have to build, create a design, test, and implement a new or existing database with further maintain. Working with databases, you will need to create methods and systems for sufficient access to the stored database. Typically, implementers work with consultants and analysts at companies to speed up the process.

Quality dev salary average in the US is $ 62,000 / year.

Where to Begin?

Contact the company with a vacancy and let know that you are learning iOS development. Ask if they have any sample test code they provide to employees. This test will be just what you need to understand future responsibilities. As a rule, during the test, you will need to write a simple application that meets the requirement of the web service. This way, you will learn how to create a program and how it works without the need to create your own from scratch.

If you manage to pass this test – congratulations, you definitely have basic skills.

Concurrently with IOS developing you can master some other skills like IT copywriting, testing, administrating or else. These skills will be in hand even if you decide not to proceed with your developer career. IT sphere is too large to focus just on something unprecedented.

Wrapping Up

It is also worth noting that for the beginning, it will be useful to master several third-party frameworks, for example, Alamofire. Many people use it to keep the interface of their web services clean. Ray Wenderlich’s site is also an excellent resource for beginners. Here you will find helpful guides, including those that help you write code.

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