Want to know the status of your parcels or other mail items? If so, then in this article, you will get everything about the USPS tracking system. USPS provides the fast method for USPS tracking system and the regular update of your parcel. If you really want to know the tracking status of your parcel from USPS tracking system, read till end full specification of your parcel to trace it. It is not necessary that you need to enter your USPS tracking number every time to the provided field on USPS website, in order to get the update status of your parcel.  USPS tracking system has the automatic tracking feature which updates the expecting parcel of the user.

The parcel status is updated to the user through the text SMS on the registered number and on the email address. In this way, the user is relaxed to know the current status of its parcel without tracking individually through the USPS tracking number. If you want mail carrier in USPS tracking then just enter the delivery instruction of USPS. In some case, if you are not getting an automatic update from the USPS package tracking then follow the instruction.

To get Parcel Update With USPS Tracking

Step #1. Open the link in the new browser https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input

Step #2. Enter your USPS tracking number to the provided field in the search bar

Note: Never apply any space or dashes in the tracking search bar

Step #3. After you enter USPS tracking number then click on the “Track” button to check the status

Step #4. You will get the entire information of your USPS parcel with scan history plus status.

If you don’t know how tracking number look like then check out the USPS tracking number identification.

How to identify the USPS Tracking number?

It is very important that you should know the tracking number of your USPS parcel; look at the examples below will explain how it looks.

As per the service, the number should be according:

  • For USPS tracking service: number should be like 9400 1*** **** **** **** **
  • For Priority Mail service: 9205 5*** **** **** **** **
  • For Certified Mail service: 9407 3*** **** **** **** **
  • For Collect on Delivery Hold for Pickup service: 9303 3*** **** **** **** **
  • For Global Express Guaranteed service: 82 *** *** **
  • For Priority Mail Express International service: EC *** *** *** US
  • For Priority Mail Express Service: 9270 1*** **** **** **** ** (EA *** *** *** US)
  • For Priority Mail International service: CP *** *** *** US
  • For Registered Mail service: 9208 8*** **** **** **** **
  • For Signature Confirmation service: 9202 1*** **** **** **** **

In which place I get the USPS tracking number?

  • You can found your USPS tracking number in the following:
  • You can find USPS tracking from the receipt of a shipping post office
  • If you buy the insurance from the post office, so the USPS tracking is located on the sale receipt.
  • Using the USPS.com the confirmation of USPS tracking detail will receive through email.
  • Also, the online retailer email for the shipping confirmation includes the USPS tracking number.
  • USPS tracking label also includes the peel-off portion at the bottom.

How To provide the address instruction in USPS tracking?

In this way first you need to confirm the USPS delivery instruction service qualifies for the package, then you are allowed to go further from the USPS leave my package system @ home, office or post office.

Step #1. From the tracking page results click on “Change my delivery Instructions” link, it will allow you to change the delivery address.

Step #2. If the link “Change Delivery Instructions” does not appear on the tracking results page then your changing address is not eligible for a current area or you can contact USPS service.

What is that reason that Delivery Instruction links if not available?

USPS tracking parcel doesn’t change the address due to the non-eligible area, this company reached almost every part of the world but there are some terms under which the delivery address does not change such as

  • Your Parcel already left for delivery
  • The delivery address does not allow to the DPO or military APO/FPO area
  • Your mail request for hold
  • Your mail request for forwarding
  • International sender
  • Your parcel has the COD method
  • The insurance amount is more than $499
  • Your delivery request for a signature
  • Your USPS package is active to intercept the order

USPS international tracking:

  • If you are expecting international parcel then the USPS international tracking will be something like the following:
  • USPS Tracking: 9400 1*** **** **** **** **.
  • Priority Mail: 9205 5*** **** **** **** **.
  • Certified Mail: 9407 3*** **** **** **** **.
  • Delivery hold for collect pickup: 9303 3*** **** **** **** **.
  • Global Express Guaranteed: 82 000 *** **.

How To Log in @ USPS Tracking Service

Step #1. Open the USPS (https://www.usps.com/) link in the web browser

Step #2. Click on the Register/Sign In at the top right of the USPS page

Step #3. Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD to the provided field

Step #4. Click on “Sign In” button.

Step #5. Now you are into the USPS Tracking system where you can send or receive your parcel and also trace your parcel status in the USPS tracking feature.

If you are looking for registration with the USPS system or first-time visit USPS service then follow the below instruction to get USPS registration.

How To Register/ Create USPS account @ USPS Tracking Service

If you haven’t registered for the USPS service then follow the steps.

Step #1. Open the USPS Sign Up (https://reg.usps.com/entreg/LoginAction_input?app=Phoenix&appURL=https://www.usps.com/) link in a new browser

Step #2. Click on the “Sign up Now” button

Step #3. You are now entering into creating your USPS account foam where you need to follow the instruction by providing accurate personal information to create your USPS account.

Step #4. There are five stages to complete foam

  • Stage 1: Choose Language and enter a unique identification User name.
  • Stage 2: Now for security information, create a unique password which includes strong status. For security, reason pick any two questions and answer, so if you forget the password in future these questions help you out.
  • Stage 3: Choose the type of your USPS account Business Account or Personal Account.
  • Stage 4: Provide your real contact details, so USPS regular update you with your USPS tracking status
  • Stage 5: Enter your actual address where your parcel should be delivered and press the “Verify Address” button.

Step #5. An email confirmation is sent to your provided email address, open the mail and verify your confirmation of registration.

Step #6. After successful confirmation, you are now registered into the USPS account.

USPS phone number: Customer Care Center @ (800) 522-9085 or you can email USPS service with postalone@email.usps.gov email address.

Alternate to USPS Tracking

If you are familiar with the USPS Tracking system and want to know more about other courier company tracking my parcel system then let us know which tracking system you want the brief information in the comment box. You can select a company from the below list or advice us for the other alternate tracking system.

Other Parcel Tracking System:

1#. FedEx tracking

2#. Speed post tracking

3#. EMS tracking

4#.Amazon tracking

5#. AWB tracking

6#. Courier tracking

7#. Global tracking

Final Words:

In this article, I add information that is important for the USPS tracking system and allow you to get the regular update of your status. If any question related to this topic then comment us below. Hope that you get useful information.

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