Worry about all the ad pops appear on the website while your children are surfing the internet on the computer or smartphone. Kidrex is the best solution for it. Kidrex is the best search engine specially designed for kids as its name suggests. KidRex is a child-safe search and you use it if you’re a parent or guardian of kids under 18. You may have concerns about your kid’s internet safety. It is powered by Google Custom Search. KidRex site utilizes Google SafeSearch and it maintains its own database of contents and keywords not suitable for kids. The search engine has a colorful hand-drawn crayon like it has been drawn on the paper.

What is KidRex?

This child safe-search engine is designed by kids and created to be fun to search Google with protection from inappropriate websites and keywords. The T-Rex Dinosaur themed search-engine guards the search results by blocking websites unsuitable for kids. If a kid hit the search but button with something that is inappropriate, then KidRex will show no result about that phrase it will show “oops! Try again” message. So, how do they do that? KidRex’s technical team maintains a database full of adult-related phrase, keywords, and websites. If any of these phrases are searched on the search engine then it will prompt the “oops, try again” message.

Features of KidRex –

Why should you use KidRex for protection of your kids from the encounter of inappropriate content while surfing online? Here, are some of the key-features of KidRex that seem very promising.

Block Adult Contents – KidRex not only block adult websites but it also blocks all the search results may seem inappropriate for the kids. If any content on social media which is flagged by other users then your kid would find that result while surfing.

Safe Search – KidRex ensures safe search while on the internet. Apart from adult websites and content kids will not be getting any violent or disgusting result of images or videos that is not suitable for kids.

Third Layer of Protection – KidRex offers third-layer protection. The administrative and technical team of KidRex manually block inappropriate website regularly with the latest updates that’s why KidRex is the choice of many parents, schools, and libraries.

Mobile-Friendly Search Engine – Most of the people are relying on smartphones to use the internet. While you are outside of your home and your kids are using a mobile to access the internet then KidRex ensures safety on mobile too. It is completely mobile-friendly search engine and it offers the best functions on mobile devices too.

Is KidRex Safe for my kids?

Now, if you have a question like if KidRex is safe for my kids to search the internet while you are away. Let me tell you that KidRex is much safer compared to an open search engine like Google Search Engine with safe search engines. But it can’t be called 100 percent safety for kids if children’s intention is to find other keywords and if they know how to use internet, since, there are several ways to bypass such filters, but for all the kids who simply want to search the internet for kid-friendly content and knowledge then KidRex is highly recommended. With KidRex you are assured that no inappropriate content on the internet will be shown to your kids while using KidRex to search the internet.

Final words:

KidRex is best suitable for kids below 6-7 as now most of the kids know how to bypass this setting. If you are really worried about the protection of your kids from the internet’s inappropriate content then you can use some other software that works both on PC and mobile.

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