Online calculators are simply a product or service fee calculators. They make it easy for visitors to your business website to easily know how much particular product or services cost. Online calculators are not found on every website. You probably do not have one on your own website too, because you don’t see the advantage there. Sincerely, one may think it’s not really necessary as there are possibilities that it may reduce the number of leads your business can have. It’s pretty much like listing a pretty car without placing the price tag. You will definitely get more calls from people asking what the price is.

The case will be different if you have the price tag on; you may not get a lot of calls because the price is already there. According to the experts at, having an online calculator on your business website will boil down to your business objective is but at the end of the day, if we critically explore it, it is obvious that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s quickly take a dive into the Top 5 advantages of online calculators.


They drive page engagement

This depends largely on how the calculator is designed. If you are smart, you will make the online calculator for your business attractive and conspicuous. This way, people can easily find it and use it. Online calculators have a way of driving page engagement. A study conducted on different web pages showed that the ones that had an online calculator had more page engagement and lower bounce rates than those who didn’t have, according to Google Analytics data assessment.

Engagement refers to how people interact with the pages of your website. If there is no calculator or anything that can make prospects take their time on your business webpage, they will just scroll through and bounce off and this is not good for your business. It is like people entering into a shop and looking through and walking out almost immediately because there is nothing there amusing.

Improved organic traffic

As the engagement on your web page increases because of the online calculator you have installed, Google gets data that there is something interesting happening on your webpage, this makes Google send you more traffic, traffic you did not pay for. The more engagement you have, the more traffic Google sends and the more leads that can be turned to loyal customers. This is good for business!

Web credibility

As street credibility is to mortar and brick businesses, so is web credibility to online businesses. The internet is a large space and no one knows who, all we see is websites. A large number of people get scammed every day on the internet. While there are precautions to be taken by internet users, web owners also have a part to play in ensuring their web credibility. One of those ways is by putting in place basic things that make customers feel comfortable and such include online calculators. Having a calculator on your page shows that you are transparent and have nothing to hide. Those who need your product and services can already know what it will cost and with that information, can make an informed decision whether to go on with the order or not.

You attract only your target audience

Online Calculators

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the fact remains that everyone is not your customer. There are people who do not need your product or services and there are people who need your product and services but will not be able to afford it. Then, there are also people who need your product and services and are able to afford them. The latter, I believe, is your target audience. They are the reason why you are in business.

Having an online calculator on your website will help you narrow down to your target audience. You will get calls from people who are able to afford your products or services only, not those who can’t. They would have seen your pricing using the calculator and would have thought about it before giving you a call.

You save everyone’s time

Businesses waste a lot of time through answering phone calls, but all that can be stopped by having an online calculator. Your online calculator will help reduce such calls to the barest minimum. Your customers would like to know what they are getting into, but they don’t have to call you to ask questions about pricing for particular products and services because they can find answers through your online calculator. This way, you save everyone’s time.

There are many advantages to having an online calculator, the above are the top 5. It is obvious that the pros outweigh the cons. You should try installing one to see how it will translate into sales for you.