New games come and go, but a few of them leaves lasting imprints on gamers’ minds and keep them engaged for a pretty long. One such option is Killer in Purple 2. It is all about your encounter with a demon, Willian Afton. This imaginary guy has killed lots of kids and is now posing a challenge for you. Scary, isn’t it?

Facing a demon is probably the biggest nightmare in your life, and that’s what the game is all about. It lets you come across the biggest fear of your life, thus keeping you hooked for hours. Afton, the demon in the game, will surely scare the hell out of you. But gamers should stand strong against this imaginary character and find out how to stop him to kill more people.

So, are you ready to take on this challenge? Killer in Purple 2 is inspired by horror games and is not for the faint of hearts. Hence, proceed to download and play the game only if you are strong enough mentally and emotionally; otherwise, it might impact you later on. If you are strong enough to face the demonic powers, then keep scrolling the page and know how to get the game on your Android smartphone.

Remember that the game isn’t available on Google Play Store yet; hence, you must put some extra effort into the process. We have outlined the step-by-step instructions to execute the process. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Killer in Purple 2 – What’s the hype all about?

Hold your patience and learn about the game from scratch to have a clear understanding. This portion of the guide will explain the entire concept of the game, including its key features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Killer in Purple 2 is set in a life-like environment where the main character is not the guard, but the villain, Willian Afton. He has already killed several people in cold blood. Being a gamer, your sole mission is to hunt him down successfully and stop him from more killings.

However, the villain is way smarter than you thought; hence, you must require intelligent strategies and exceptional presence of mind to win the game. Since no case is yet caught by the police, you cannot seek their help and come up with strategies of your own to catch the killer.

The major task of the game is to save children. Hence, your actions must be thoughtful and prudent. While starting the Killer in Purple 2 game, you first have a chance to create a cafe. For this, you have the start-up capital in your hands for significant purchases to attract guests. The number of pizzas sold is proportional to earnings and the number of needs fulfilled.

As a gamer, you must earn a good income to safeguard the children as well as hunt the demon for good. Avoid CCTV cameras and do not leave witnesses. To your surprise, the game will invoke a lot of unexpected emotions and experiences; hence, get ready for little mood swings after you complete the whole struggle.

Key Features

Are you still confused and digging more to decide whether you should spend your time and effort on this game? Here’s a quick rundown of the key features of Killer in Purple 2 to simplify your decision.

  • The game is compatible with both Android and Windows, which means that you can play it, regardless of the operating system. Its compatibility with two leading OSs makes it stand above the crowd.
  • The second best feature of the Killer in Purple 2 is its amazing and high-quality 3D graphics that transfer you to another world. The audio makes the game look so real that you yourself want to give 100% to catch the killer. It makes you feel like you are actually present at the crime scene and living your character in real life.
  • Killer in Purple 2 is available for free to download, which means that you don’t have to spend bucks to play an antagonist and save the world from a demon. However, the app might include certain in-app purchases to upgrade your tools and resources. But those entirely depend on your choice and budget.
  • Finally, this game allows you to move freely in various areas of the pizzeria. Moreover, it has the familiar pixels of Mojang, thus attracting players of all tastes and preferences.

Killer in Purple 2 Android Download Guide

Have you found the gameplay of Killer in Purple 2 fascinating? Wondering how to get the game on your Android smartphone? Worry not, as we are here to help. To give all your answers and resolve all your queries, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to download Killer in Purple 2 on your Android.

However, before you jump into it, go to Settings > Security Settings > Allow Apps from Unknown Sources to streamline the process. Here’s how to download Killer in Purple 2 on Android in a few simple taps.

  1. Open the web browser and initiate a search of the Killer in Purple 2 APK.
  2. You will find multiple results on the screen. Pick the website that seems reliable and appears on top results.
  3. Tap the Download APK button and wait for a few seconds to complete the process.
  4. Once done, exit the browser and return to the home screen.
  5. Go to the mobile storage and locate the recently downloaded Killer in Purple 2 APK file. Once you find it, click on the file and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process.

Note: Once you are done installing the Killer in Purple 2 on your phone, go to the Settings window and untick the Unknown Sources checkbox to maintain the safety of your device. Also, do not forget to install anti-virus software beforehand to keep your device from any malicious activities.


Killer in Purple 2 reflects the reality of today’s life by showing that actual demon lives among us. And all we have to do is identify him and safeguard the precious lives of people. The game is extremely gripping and keeps you occurred for hours. Moreover, it is free to download, which is no less than the icing on the cake.

So, why wait? Follow the instructions above and enjoy a hands-on experience of this amazing and one-of-a-kind game now.

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