Anime is like the Hollywood of Japan and people all across the world love it. Whether it is an anime series or anime movie people, are going gaga over this animated presentation. The anime is known for its animation which is very different as compared to western cartoons such as Disney. Since the beginning of online anime streaming in 2007 with Anilinkz, right now there are thousands of websites where you can watch and stream anime content online for free and paid as well. Sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and many others are offering anime on their premium subscription while many sites like 9anime, gogoanime, kissanime, and others allow users to watch anime in English dubbed or with subtitles for free in the HD quality. One of the most known and popular free anime streaming websites is Masterani

Masterani Reddit is a self-proclaimed no. 1 website to stream anime movies and TV shows online for free. Masterani allows users to watch free anime cartoon without signup. The site is really simple and easy to use as it has an incredible interface. Mainly Masterani has divided into two categories i.e. anime movies and anime TV shows just like any other movie streaming site. So you can select either of them and watch anime content according to your needs. Earlier, the site used to offer free Masterani app but now you can use its site to stream HD anime.


Why Masterani is not available? How to access Masterani?

Well, Masterani was shut down for a few days but now, it can be accessed with the different domain extensions. You can open Masterani at and enjoy all the English dubbed anime and anime with English subtitles for free in HD.

Why Masterani is the best site to watch anime online free?

As we said earlier that Masterani’s official website claimed to be the number one anime streaming website on the internet. And, we really check the site and found very appealing as easy as well. The site’s homepage shows the Google-like search engine box where you can type and find any anime movie name or anime show episode name and the site will show you the results in seconds. You can also select Masterani’s dedicated section to “Anime Movies” and “Anime Series.” So you nothing is messed on here.

All the anime movies and anime series are sorted according to the recent uploads. Users can also find the anime movies or series according to the genre or even request an anime video if it isn’t available on Masterani. You can watch anything on this site without signing up or registering a free account. Plus, Masterani ensures the high-quality of the anime video. We opened the Masterani site and tried playing the latest episode of anime series Closers: Side Blacklambs. In a single click, we were directly on the video playback page. The anime site offers quality change options between 480p and 720p just like YouTube.

How to watch anime online for free without ads?

Well, we used AdBlock on Google Chrome browser when we tested Masterani but without AdBlocker, the site doesn’t show multiple annoying ads. If you want to watch anime for free on other alternative sites to Masterani which display ads before playback then we recommend using AdBlock on your browsers.

Best Masterani Alternatives | Top 7 similar websites like Masterani

As we said there are hundreds of websites to watch free anime online but only some of them are worth trying so here are some of the top Masterani alternatives that you can use to watch anime movies ad shows for free in HD online.


GoGoAnime always comes first when we are talking about online anime streaming for free. GoGoAnime can be the best site like Masterani but it is also one of a kind anime streaming website that offers some unique features that no similar sites offer. The site is in the market for a very long and if you are looking at all the classic as well modern anime content on a single site then GoGoAnime is really a site that you need. You can access GoGoAnime at or


9anime is not a new name to the anime fans. You will find this site in every “best anime sites in the world 2021” so it has to be in the list of top Masternai alternatives as well. 9anime is popular among the anime fans as it offers easy access to anime shows and movies without any signup process and it shows fewer ads compare to the other similar anime sites. The site has been target by Google for DMCA and piracy issues but it is still surviving in the market to offer its users free anime content. 9Anime can be accessed at


Crunchyroll offers free as well as paid license Japanese anime movies and shows on its platform. It offers free access to some anime and some anime content can be accessed through its premium subscribers only. There are several reasons why you should use premium anime sites as they offer licensed anime shows and movies plus, they guarantee the quality of the content. Crunchyroll app is also available for mobile phones for easier access. So if you are looking for paid alternatives to Masterani then Crunchyroll is the best option. Crunchyroll can be accessed at


Not every anime fan is a fan of Hollywood films and American TV series but if you love all the entertainment that this world has to offer then Pubfilm could be the best websites similar to Masterani. This site hosts other movies, TV shows, and anime on its platform in the highest quality possible without charging any fee. No need registration to watch free anime and movies on this alternative to Masterani. You can access the pubfilm at


Chia-Anime is also a very popular free anime site on the internet where you can watch thousands of anime shows and movies. The exception anime movie collection of Chia-anime makes this site of the top Masterani alternatives of 2021. As the name of the site suggests it is all about anime stuff. You can watch all the latest episodes released. Chia-anime is a fasted anime site to upload recently telecasted anime episodes in Japan. Chia-Anime can be visited at and you open the wide world of anime in HD quality for free online.

Other best similar websites like Masterani



Final Words:

We will recommend you use the Masterani first as the site is still available and it offers a really enticing collection of the anime world. If you want to know more sites like Masterani then you can try any of the sites we have given in the list above. If you have any other favorite anime sites then you can leave their names in the comment box to let our readers know.