The name of the site suggests it is about finding a fling. If you have just broken up and you are looking for a new date or just a new fling or you are in seek of temporary fun then Flingster is one of the best on the internet where you can find real strangers all around the world. Even if you are single or in a relationship but instead of watching any other adult content on the internet you want to have fun with the real persons then Flingster is really the best site for you.



What is Flingster?

Flingster is a video chat app and you can access it from your browser as well. There is no need to sign up or make a registration on the site. You can directly open the site and select your gender and have fun with real strangers from all around the world. Men and find women for a live webcam chat or text message as well. Flingster offers both options for connecting with people. Unlike, similar sites to Flingster, you will get real persons on the video chat. We have tried and tested the sites and we really found this amazing than all the other sites.

Why do I need to use Flingster instead of Tinder or Bumble?

There are many dating apps and sites on the internet where you can find dates for yourself. But for that, you have to create a profile and post pictures to make your profile eye-catching. Plus, Tinder and Bumble are charging hefty fees from users and magically desperate people are paying willingly. So using such dating sites and apps is a long process to find a date. It’s not for you if you are looking for just random fun on the internet with real people.

Flingster has lots of users waiting for you. Unlike, popular dating apps, you don’t have to create a profile or you don’t even have to sign up. Well, there are several perks of signing up to Flingster but if you want to stay anonymous then you can use the site.

What Flingster has to offer? Features of Flingster

As we said Flingster is just to have fun and video webcam chat with other users all around the world. But you don’t get to choose your location or people whom you want to meet online. Well, you can choose any language from the 8 languages given in the option to have a conversation with other people.

Flingster ensures that you meet with real strangers on the site so you won’t any bots like other sites. That’s why we suggest you to use its video chat features first then try anything else on flingster.

Men can find women live webcam for free and women can find men for live video chat. So just fling around on this awesome free adult video chat app.

If you are looking for a date that can stay longer than just a fling then you can opt to use the Flingster Date option. So you have got everything on this single website called Flingster.

How to use Flingster without signup?

  1. As we said you can meet with strangers online on adult live video chat without signing up. And for that, you just have to open Flingster at
  2. Then, click on the “Open Full-screen Window” and a new browser window will open.
  3. You have to select your gender and age. You must be 18 or more than that.
  4. Here you have to select the option whether you want to video chat with random strangers or text messages.
  5. Once you have selected your option, you have to click on the “Start Searching” and you can meet the strangers around the world.

Note: If you are looking for same-sex person then you have to select the gender of the opposite sex. For example, if you are a man and you want other men on video chat then select your gender as a woman.

Why is it good to sign up on flingster?

Well, Flinsgter can be used without signing up but it will limit its features. Without signing up you will be allowed webcam chat for a limited and the number persons is also limited. But if you are a registered member then you can many of its perks and there won’t be any limitation.

To avail of its more features and offerings, users can also opt for a premium membership. Without signing up, users have to wait for up to five minutes after they have crossed the limit of chatting with the number of persons. That’s why it is beneficial to register for free on flingster.

So this is how you can meet random strangers online for free on the internet. You can video chat and go live with other strangers who are using flingster.