What is Sankaku Complex?

If you are an anime fan then you must be familiar with the name Sankaku Complex. Sankaku complex is a site that is especially for the anime and manga fan where they can discuss their views, reviews, and everything related to manga and anime on its forum. But the main offering of the site is to provide the latest news articles related to Manga, Games, anime Hentai, Doujinshi, and fan-made manga & games. So if you want to be updated with the latest happening in the anime world then the sankaku complex is the best place to hang out with other people with the same interest.

Sankaku complex has been criticized for a long time for its depiction of adult content on its news articles. No, it isn’t a porn site or soft porn site but in the discussion forums and its articles contain not safe for work (NSFW) content. So users should use their discretion before using Sankaku Complex. Another thing that led this site to the controversy is its forum section. All the community members of the Sankaku complex can discuss everything on the site from anime, manga, hentai to politics, culture, and social issues. Some Chinese readers believe that Sankaku Complex and its some writers are biased in political views as they criticize Chinese politics very often. These all are the content that you can find on the site. Here are some significant things that sankaku complex offers for its readers.

What Sankaku Complex site has to offer?

So some people who are not aware of the anime world are asking what content can be found on Sankaku Complex. As we said it is one of the best platforms for anime and manga fans to get the latest information and news about their interest and if you are a registered member of the site then you can engage in the discussion forum on the site where you can have people with your same interest. Here are some of the main features of the sankaku complex:

Well-categorized – If you are inclining towards the Otaku culture then the sankaku complex has lots of things to offer in various categories. It offers dedicated tabs for Anime, Manga, Games, Forum, App, and Login (if you are a member).

NSFW content – The site features all about anime and manga so some content on the sankaku complex can be adult. But you can use its “Mature content” option where all the adult content on the site will be blurred.

Gaming Culture – Sankaku complex is also a great destination for fans of anime games. So you will also get all the news and the latest on-going things about anime gaming culture.

Free – Unlike other similar sites of Sankaku Complex, it is totally free and readers don’t have to pay membership fees to enjoy the offerings of the site.

No sign-up or registration – However, if you want to get additional features of the site then you create a free account on this site but if you want to be a guest reader then you can always access the site without signup.

App option is available – Sankaku Complex is also available as an App for iOS and Android along with its website for quick access.

Sankaku Complex Alternatives | Similar sites like Sankaku Complex

If you want to explore sites like Sankaku complex then we have made some of the best alternatives to the Sankaku complex. Some of them may contain or may not contain adult content.

  1. Myanimelist
  2. Anilist
  3. Animedao
  4. Gogoanime
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. 9anime

These all websites are free just like the sankaku complex and have covered all the things about the anime world. Some of these alternatives of the sankaku complex also offer free streaming of anime shows. If you have some anime sites that can be the best alternatives to Sankaku Complex then you can tell our readers in the comment box.

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