If you have gambled before, you probably know the difference between a non GamStop casino and a land-based casino. There are many advantages to playing at casinos without GamStop, but there are also disadvantages. On this page, you will find many disadvantages to playing online casino games. What are the pitfalls to avoid and what can you do about them?


You Risk Too Much Money at Non GamStop Casinos

One of the biggest problems with real money gambling at non GamStop online casino is that you end up risking too much money. It may not seem like you’re playing for a lot of money because you’re playing online. After all, the minimum limits are much lower than at a land-based casino. This is one of the traps you can fall into. The first part is that you can still bet 10 euros while the limit would be 0.10 euros. The second part is that you can play more hands in online blackjack than in a land-based casino, for example. Cards are dealt with automatically and everything is controlled via software RNG. This applies to all online casino games. Its gameplay is faster.

Limited in Rewards

Land-based casinos often have good programs for loyal players such as players saving points with every visit or wagering on slot machines and gaming tables. They keep track of what you play on and how much money you bet and then reward you for it. While online casinos offer bonuses in the form of cash or free spins, online casinos are limited in what they can offer. At a physical casino, for example, it is possible to receive a free hotel night or a discount on a dinner or drink.

Too Many Options to Choose From

Of course, having many options is always nice because you can decide for yourself what you are going to play. The problem is that if you have hundreds of options and are not familiar with casino games you don’t know what to choose. It is important to get acquainted with the game rules and payout percentages to know the odds per turn you play. From there you can better determine which game to play. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you have a more limited choice and you don’t tend to want to try everything just because it’s new. Gambling costs money if you don’t know what you are doing.

The Danger of Becoming Isolated

Decades ago, everyone spent a lot more time outdoors than they do now. More and more people are gambling online because they have mobile devices that they can use to play their favorite casino game. While they are convenient to use, it also deprives you of social contacts. It is not necessarily a disadvantage but if you are not very social of yourself then the casino might be a place to agree because you can meet nice people while playing roulette at a large gaming table or at the blackjack table where you communicate with each other.

Terrible Bonus Terms

It is important that you always check the conditions of casino bonuses when you benefit from a casino bonus in an online casino. Because there are many online casinos that offer a bonus, it is a disadvantage for players who are not aware of strict bonus conditions. These conditions ensure that it is virtually impossible to clear the casino bonus. Make sure you always play at reliable online casinos in the Netherlands that are in possession of a license to prevent these kinds of nasty situations.

Limited Options to Apply Strategies at Non GamStop Casinos

Video poker and blackjack are casino games to which you can apply a strategy. In a land-based casino, it is possible to count cards and use the basic strategy. At online casinos, cards are dealt digitally and you cannot count cards. In the casino, at a blackjack table with reasonable rules, you can get an edge by counting cards. This is keeping track of the ratio of low to high cards in the deck and easier to learn than you think.

In online blackjack, you can apply basic strategy and get the house edge well below 1%. It is recommended to always use a strategy when possible when gambling for real money. That’s the only way you know you’re getting the best odds every turn you play. Online video poker variants such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are also recommended because of a high payout percentage.


It won’t matter much where you gamble when it comes to losing money because you’re going to lose money in the long run anyway!  The trick is to understand how to play the longest with the available budget you have. Make sure you know what obstacles lie ahead when gambling online. There are also reasons why you should not play online casino games, but the advantages ensure that most players still go over the line and opt for an online casino.

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