As we all know that Photoshop is the most standard editing software used worldwide for editing photos. However, it is the not only tool available for giving a new shape to existing images. There are many other useful alternatives to access free Photoshop online that can prove to be more beneficial in enhancing the pictures:



GIMP is the most influential and versatile alternative to Photoshop. The tool provides all the useful benefits including advanced filters, husks, masks, color adjustments that are all customizable. The most outstanding feature of GIMP is the wealth of its user-created plugin and script, many of which come pre-installed and are ready to use. It has an easy user interface so there is no hindrance in accessing it. The updated version of GIMP provides toolboxes, palettes, and menus altogether in a single window.

2Photos pos pro

This is another best alternative for Photoshop that provides a simple interface for both advanced and novice users. Similar to Photoshop this tool also have layer and layer masks and also superb clone and healing brushes. All the required color adjustments tools are also in this tool. There is also a cluster altering and scripts to conserve your time; you can directly import pictures from camera and scanner.


This software has started as a substitute of Microsoft paint but later emerged as a powerful photo editor tool. It also provides manual editing tool and effective automatic filters for making desirable adjustments. The tool can work with multiple photos at one time due to speedy access tabs that utilize thumbnails to represent each picture initially. It is a very fast tool and also works steadily on low powered PCS. There’s no restriction on the extent of saved pictures, yet it takes third place because of its littler scope of alternatives and adjustable instruments.

4Pixlr editor

Pixlr is not just an alternative to Photoshop but it is crafted by Autodesk, one of the greatest names in computer-aided design and 3d modeling software. It is compatible with all devices and also it has a scope for all the enhancements enabling you to effortlessly make the counterfeit point of view, mix and push pixels around the canvas, tile and rehash choices, etc.

5Adobe Photoshop Express

It is a light weighted photo editor that is available free of cost and is also friendly with any kind of device. The main feature of this software is it is simple which is it biggest drawback also because there are no layers, plugin or brushes to resize your pictures. You can also make the collage from this Photoshop editor and it gives you complete flexibility to change the color, layout, border size etc.

6Affinity photo

Affinity photo editor is the most impressive Photoshop editor that is completely compatible with all the file formats. It is comparatively less expensive than other Photoshop and has incorporated with even better highlights such as gives higher speed and limitless undoes which help you to make the picture better every time. Earlier it was only available for windows but now it is available with ipad.


Sumopaint is one of the best browser-based photo editor that provides you to Photoshop free online. It is extremely light –weighted and loading can be done very quickly with the help of this Photoshop editor. The accessibility of using brushes, pencils, shapes, text, gradients etc. is very easy. It allows you to open the saved documents directly from the hard-drive of your PC. It is perfectly reliable for editing.

So, these are some of the best Photoshop editing apps that you can choose accordingly to make your photo even picture perfect.