Moviemad is one of the popular platforms to find the most anticipated films and TV shows in the world of cinema or the latest movies released recently. It offers a section with the latest news about the world of cinema, user comments, and a list of the most viewed films of the moment. A highly recommended platform with a wide list of genres to choose from.


Is Moviemad down? What Are the Best Alternatives to Moviemad?

In recent years, Moviemad has been forced to change the domain on numerous occasions in order to avoid the definitive closure of its content platform. But, as has happened with many other similar sites like Moviemad, the authorities have considered that it is not respecting the copyright of the links it offers, thus ruling its closure.

There are many alternatives to Moviemad that have managed to save themselves from the authorities and offer current content with very good quality. If you want to keep up to date with all the releases of the moment and want to see the best free movies on your smartphone or computer, these are the best alternatives to Moviemad.


One of the most recommended alternatives to Moviemad is Pubfilm. In it, you will access one of the most extensive catalogs of movies, TV series as well as content including from Anime to children’s films, silent films, and much more. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can go to the latest releases section directly. Although you need to keep in mind that advertising is very invasive.


The homepage shows all the content organized by categories and different sections. In the same way, each cover, before you click on it, offers information about the video quality, year of release, or the audio version available. It offers a wide collection of genres with information about the number of movies you will find in each of them. Additionally, each movie displays information about the cast and synopsis.


This Moviemad alternative updates its contents daily by adding new releases or classics from several decades ago, offering a catalog adapted to all tastes. It offers a specific section for fans of the latest series and movies. You can filter the content search by language including English and some other languages. All content is periodically updated improving video quality.


With a particularly pleasant visual design, this similar site like Moviemad offers content updated every day so that you don’t miss a single premiere in movies and television series. You can use the built-in search engine to find a specific title or access the collection of available genres. It offers the option of downloading the movie or Series in HD quality. If you register as a user, you can leave your comments.


One of the oldest websites where you can find the most viewed series as well as movies of the moment or less known movies that you cannot find on other platforms. New content is uploaded almost daily in different formats so you can choose the one that is compatible with your player. 123movies has personalized recommendations according to your searches, you can even share the links on social networks. It also offers direct access to other download websites to have more options when it comes to locating specific content.


This is among the top Moviemad alternatives which is a very complete platform with a multitude of functions for users who sign up for it. For starters, all content is available in HD quality. Furthermore, users can create lists of their own favorite or consult those of other people. It includes a multitude of filters to locate specific titles with a certain quality and language, year of issue, or genre. You can categorize the content of your lists into favorites, views, or pending.


From this platform, you will find content for all tastes. You can find movies, TV series, and many other things that can be streamed online for free. It has a very complete section with complete seasons of the best television series of the moment. It has a specific application for Android. You can view the content online or download it to your computer


When accessing the platform, a pop-up window appears for you to choose the type of content you want to watch, television series, or movies. You can also filter the search by genre or year from the extensive collection. It includes a category in which you will find exclusively premieres, a list with the most viewed movies of the moment, or those that are trending. You can also share the links on social media.

Popcorn Time

It is one of the best alternatives to Moviemad as it has the most varied content from premieres, to classic movies or children’s genre. You can download the content in different qualities depending on the equipment on which you are going to view it. One of the most useful functions of this platform is to be able to save movies in a list of favorites. It also offers the viewing of trailers. This is an app available for Android devices.


In MoviesJoy, you will have access to premiere films of this year 2021 as well as the most relevant titles from the past. It includes its own player so you can watch the movies directly online. It offers a multitude of links with different audio or subtitle options so users can have a seamless streaming experience. It has content in 4K UHD quality.

What Is the Best Alternative to Moviemad?

If you want to enjoy a platform with many features, where you will find safe files, in high resolution, the best alternative to Moviemad is Popcorn time. This platform was recently updated to offer a much faster, more effective, and secure viewing experience for streaming and download content. It has its own integrated player and through this service, you will have access to one of the largest and most varied catalogs of television series and especially movies. With a style very similar to that of other well-known platforms such as HBO or alternatives to Netflix, the homepage offers thumbnails of all the content, indicating the title and year of release. It has an integrated search engine so that you can locate any title quickly. In addition, you can also search by genre or order the results according to the latest news or content that is trending.

Another outstanding feature of this application is that it will allow you to save your own favorites lists and classify the titles based on whether you have seen them or you want to watch later. On the other hand, it has the option to download the subtitles, and you can even choose the quality of the videos. In a nutshell, it is a platform where you can find practically any title that you would like to see. You only need to download the application on your computer, register as a new user, and enjoy the best quality and variety of multimedia content available.