MyAnimeList or mostly referred as MAL among the fans of anime is one of the oldest and popular anime & manga social networking site. People (I would rather say anime fans) can use this social cataloging web application to watch, score, review, and to get all the latest news and information about the anime entertainment world. Users have to register a new account to give the scores and reviews about the manga or anime that they watched but news and other updates can be read by anyone without registering. Users get a list-like system provided by easy UI of the website to organize and score anime and manga series. It is a community-based site so users can make friends and chat with other users with whom they share tastes in anime and manga. You can find other users like me who are new to the anime world as well as some pro anime fans who will tell you what to watch and whatnot.

As we said MAL is one of the oldest and personally our favorite site to get everything related to anime and manga. The site claims to have over 4.5 million anime and nearly 800K manga entries. Site’s official YouTube account states that the site gets more than 10 million unique visitors monthly with over 130 million page views. MyAnimeList is more like a social networking site where all the users share the same amount of love for anime and manga. There are several sites like MAL on the internet claim to be better than MyAnimeList but score and reviews on MAL are incomparable and most trusted than other similar sites. Here, I want to see you all the things why MAL is one of the best site for anime and manga lover all across the world.

Features of MyAnimeList

  • MAL lists anime and manga from Japan, Korea, and China. So they have got more list of entries than any other sites on the internet.
  • MyAnimeList also includes dōjinshi (fan comics) and light novels.
  • Reliable Score – All other sites have mostly young users so their score might be biased toward one genre only. But the wide community of MAL is very happy to rate all anime and manga regardless of their interest so score and reviews on here are most trusted by the online community.
  • Users can create lists of anime and manga they want to watch or they are watching or they have watched.
  • Registered users can submit their reviews, rate score, write blogs, recommendations, and post in the site’s forum. They can also create clubs like a group on social media, with other people on the site with similar interest.
  • MyAnimeList offers the most genuine and reliable news related to manga and anime. Users can subscribe to the RSS news feed of it.
  • MyAnimeList also begins challenges for users to complete their lists.
  • Scoring system – Users can score the anime and manga on a scale from 1 to 10. The given scores are calculated to give each show in the database a rank from the best to worst.
  • More like Social Network – as we said earlier that MyAnimeList is community-based site so they have got users to share with each other and they can recommend others. So it is more than just a website that provides anime and manga updates and score lists.

Why do I recommend MyAnimeList? Why every anime lover should use MAL?

Here are my personal reasons to use MyAnimeList. As an anime and manga fan, I would need a platform where I can get all the details about news as well as old anime and manga series. As I said earlier that I am new to anime world so I would definitely need some help from pro anime fans and MAL is a site which has a huge community that will guide me everything.

Now you may tell that other similar sites like MyAnimeList also have large community but all those sites have young users and they tend towards some specific genres so you cannot rely on their reviews, scores, and ratings. On the other hand, MyAnimeList has all the age of the user. It has been live since 2006 so with more than 12 years it has gained all types of users. So the scores of the anime and manga by users on the site are more reliable and genuine.

Now when we talk about news and other information of anime that is being provided on such sites then MAL is on top of the list everywhere. The source of information on the MyAnimeList is reliable and the news is based on facts so you can know that all the information is true to the facts. If you want to know anything about the characters of a particular anime show or manga then you will find about it on the show as well.

Final words:

With all of the features and offerings of MyAnimeList, it is one of the most recommended sites cum more social platform for all the anime fans around the world. In conclusion, I will not recommend you to don’t use any other site and go for MAL only. So you can use other sites as well since they have some different opinions so you can know what users of other sites’ community have to say. However, MyAnimeList doesn’t have more score option like Anilist provides but still MAL is considered to be one of the best sites for anime and manga fans.