What is Do a Barrel Roll?

Before even starting this post I would suggest you search “Do a Barrel Roll” on Google and see the magic. (I am waiting here). Now you are back or if you have already done it then you know Google webpage rolls upside down and get back to normal. The same happens when you type “Z or R Twice’. Well, actually “Do a Barrel Roll” was a trending topic of the memes in 2011 and Google does the fun of “Do a barrel roll” in its own way. But do you know there are plenty of Easter eggs or say Google tricks? Some of them are fun and some of them are really function and you can use them for your work.

If you are a Marvel fan, obviously you are then, you might have seen Thanos’ trick on the search giant. Google was celebrating the release of The Avengers: Endgame in its own way. Users have to search for “Thanos” and click on the “gauntlet” shown right next to its Wikipedia result on the Google page and everything on the screen would start to disappear just like (spoiler alert) in The Avengers: Infinity War everything start to end in the dust when Thanos snaps with his gauntlet. And when you click on the gantlet again everything will be back on the screen. This Easter egg was brought by Google on the release day of The Avengers: Endgame.

So these are the thing offered by Google which are normally referred as Google tricks or Google Easter Eggs. Do a Barrel Roll is one of the most popular Easter Eggs. Here, are we are to show you some more Google’s Easter Eggs.

1. Find Chuck Norris

If you are socially active on social networking sites and memes then you may know who Chuck Norris and how his memes got viral a few years ago. So Google did the same but in its own way. What you have to do is, open Google’s homepage, type in “Find Chuck Norris” and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. What are you going to see is something funnier in Google’s way. So I’ll leave it on it and I can’t tell how to find Chuck Norris.

2. Zerg Rush

Now get more surprise just by searching “Zerg Rush’ on Google. When you search for this keyword some rings will come from the top of the page and they will start chewing up all the search results on the list. And when you click on one of the rings it will disappear just like you are killing it.

3. The answer to life the universe and everything

Here’s a weird one, if you type in “the answer to life the universe and everything” and hit Google search. In the result, you would see 42 in the search result and this is a reference to a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy. It was the number calculated by a supercomputer named “Deep Thought” over a period of seven million years.

4. Atari Breakout

This one is personally one of my favorites. If you type in Atari Breakout, hit enter, go to “images”. It’s going to turn into a little hard breakout game. You can use your arrows to move this little slider or your mouse. It makes a horrible beeping sound while playing. You can complete it by your playing talent.

5. Askew

When you type and search for the term “askew”, the search results by Google will be shown a slight tilt. You can scroll the whole page and you will feel like your screen is tilted and needs to be repaired. I don’t know behind this Easter egg of Google but it is cool indeed.

6. Flip a Coin

Now, this seems more like a useful function than an Easter egg. Imagine if you are with your friend in the middle of the road and one of you is asking to east pizza and the other one is asking to eat at the subway. So you can choose your destination and make a decision by just filliping a coin but what if you don’t have the coin right now. No worries, Google will do it for you. Just Type “Flip a coin” and on the search results, you would be shown a coin. You just have to click on it, it flips and you can choose head or tails. Simple!

7. Animal Sounds

This is also similar to the previous one. Sometimes you are watching and a leopard appears on the screen and your little one expecting him to speak but he doesn’t. or else when you want them to tell how other animals sounds then search for “Animal Sounds” and you will see results with animal’s photos. You can click on any of them to hear the sound.

8. Google in 1998

Wouldn’t be amazing if we could go back in time to feel the nostalgia? But Google will let you know what it was like in 1998. If you want to know how Google looked like in its first year when it was launched then you can search for “Google in 1998” and you will see search results in Google’s 1998 format. Try it!

9. PacMan

PacMan celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010 and in its owner Google made a dedicated doodle for it. When you search for Pac-Man on Google, you will get to play Pac-Man in the format for Google Doodle. You will get the nostalgia of the old-time when you used to play this game with your buddies and the sound of the game is similar to the original.

10. T-Rex Game

Now come on, everybody knows about it. Sometimes when your internet connection is not working and you open Google Chrome, you see “no internet” sign with T-rex game. Google has found a way to do something while you have your internet connection back. This game is addicted just like Mario Run. I guarantee you are likely to play it even after you have an internet connection back. Literally, I played the game in the middle of writing this post for you guys.

11. Is Google Down?

Everybody has different ways to check if their internet connection is fine and everything is alright. But I guarantee most of us to open the homepage of Google to check if everything is fine. But have you have tried searching “is Google down?” Try searching it right now and you shall see the answer if it is down or not.

12. Baker’s Dozen

Now if you search for “Baker’s Dozen”, you shall see the answer 13 on the calculator on the screen. This idiom comes from the practice of medieval English bakers who used to give one more loaf when selling a dozen. Being 13 in number still, they used to be called dozen due to “unlucky 13. Well, this is not as much excited than others but definitely worth to know about. Now don’t ask me why I have made a list of dozen Google Easters only and why I couldn’t make it to 13.

Final Words

There many more such Google tricks and Easter Eggs by Google most of the people don’t know about. You can find some of them on Underwater, gravity, mirror, guitar doodle and many more are on the given link. Google has made them available for officially. T-Rex, PacMan, and legendary snake game with the original sound. If you know some other Google Easter eggs then you can tell us in the comment box.

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