Minecraft is an open globe amusement that hails over nothing that is more premium variants. Those perks of Hosting An Minecraft accounts rundown is that it really permits you to just have the capacity to try anyplace in the open globe and fallen What’s more try as you such as. This kind of character is not there in the spare mode, anyhow over premium mode, you get this characteristic.

Here the BONUS point for you the shortcut list which gives you more fun and fulltime enjoyment

The main reason for this command and cheats is to help the user to play this fantastic development with pleasure and without any disturbance.

Minecraft Console Commands

#1. Help: /help[CommandName]

#2. Teleport: /tp [TargetPlayer]

#3. Kill: ./kill is the syntax.

#4. Weather:  ‘/weather’

#5. Survival mode: ‘/gamemode survival’ this command,

#6. Change the difficulty to Peaceful: ‘/difficulty peaceful’

#7. Keep inventory when you die:  ‘/gamerule keepInventory true’

#8. Stop time:  ‘/gamerule doDaylightCycle false’

#9. Instant mine: ‘/instantmine’

#10. Cannon: ‘/cannon’

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