APEUni is a simulation of Pearson PTE official scoring system. It is launched with the intent of assessing pronunciation and fluency for all types of speaking questions. PTE is accepted in over 4000 universities in the US, 100% of universities in Australia, and 10,000 universities in multiple other regions.

This app uses the same scoring system as the official Pearson PTE, thus enabling students to enjoy a free way to study for the PTE academic test that will help them do well. Wondering how to use the platform to its maximum potential?

Here’s a quick rundown of the step-by-step instructions to log into the APEuni Login. Scroll down the page and find how to begin the process in a few simple taps.


Features of APEuni

Wondering what makes APEuni stand out from others? Below we have listed some features that make this platform worth giving a try, especially if you are trying to prepare for PTE. Let’s check it out.

  • Comprehensive Practice Question Bank

This platform already boasts around 14021 questions, and it is continuously updating with more to facilitate students for practicing. When preparing for PTE, you’ll find no shortage of questions at all.

  • Simple interface

Yet another feature that makes APEuni worth considering is its simple interface. Students won’t face tough times using this portal, and they don’t have to be tech-savvy for this. The interface of APEuni is ultra-intuitive, and the platform is ready to get started in seconds.

  • Answers and Analysis

In addition to the question bank, this portal has a plentiful of speaking and writing subjections and analysis of answer ideas to help students.

  • Extensive Study Material

Besides everything, APEuni is a powerhouse of study material, which means that you will get tons of data in one place. From spoken templates to writing and listening templates, and more, it has everything under its umbrella.

How to Register for APEuni?

Sounds interactive? In case, you want to make the best out of APEuni, make sure to register yourself with the platform first and then log into the dashboard to get started. Here are quick step-by-step instructions to begin the registration process. Follow the instructions closely to avoid any glitches later on.

  1. Open the browser and navigate to the official website of the APEuni.
  2. Once you enter the homepage, expand the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the page. Remember that the website is in the Chinese language, which means that you must have to translate it first before moving further. In order to translate, right-click the page and scroll down to the “Translate” option. Select it and wait for a few seconds to get the translated version of the site.
  3. Now, tap on the Register button from the menu, and a new page will appear on the screen.
  4. Therefore, you must enter your Name, Email, and Password. Scroll down to the bottom and tick the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. As soon as you accept them, tap the Register button to complete the process.
  6. The official website will then send you a confirmation mail on your registered email ID to complete the registration process.

APEuni Login Guide

Done with the registration formality? It’s time to finally bring the platform to action. And you can easily do the same by using the steps mentioned below. Logging into the portal isn’t daunting, and students can complete the process in seconds as long as their systems are connected to a strong internet connection. Here’s how.

  • Launch your preferred browser on the computer and enter the APEuni in the search engine box. The official website will appear on the display. Tap on it and navigate to the homepage.
  • Go to the top-right corner and select the Login option.
  • A new page will appear, where you’ll find two options – Email and Wechat. Students can use any of them to log into their accounts. The email one is selected by default.

Via Email

  • Initiating the login process by entering the email and password in dedicated boxes. Once done, tick the checkbox next to the “auto login next time” option to avoid the hassle of entering details over and over again.
  • Finally, tap on the Sign-in button, and you can now access the dashboard.

Through WeChat

  • Alternatively, you can select the WeChat option to complete the login process.
  • Enter the email and password associated with your WeChat account and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tick the box next to the “terms and conditions” and confirm accepting them.
  • Finally, tap on the Sign In button, and you are now ready to access the dashboard.


There you have it. We hope our guide has helped you understand the complete APEuni login process. This portal is the one-stop destination for students preparing for PTE and wish to achieve success as desired.

Follow the steps mentioned here and get yourself logged into the APEuni account in a few simple taps. For more such informational guides, keep visiting us regularly.

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