Selling feet images online and earning a whopping amount isn’t new. The internet is well-stocked with tons of websites that may help you earn a side gig and pay off all your pedicure bills in seconds. One such app gaining attention is Feetify. It is 100% free to use and serves as the best platform for trading your foot images.

But since Feetify is a recent addition to the list, people are still wondering if it is a fad or will stay here for a long time. If you are struggling with similar thoughts, it’s time to put all of them to rest. Our experts have conducted hours of research and compiled a detailed guide about Feetify to lend you a hand. Here’s everything you should know about this feet picture selling platform and how to make money with it.

Feetify – The Basics

Whether you are a foot lover or just looking forward to earning some side money, Feetift should internet you with its simple interface and multiple award-winning opportunities. The app is designed to bridge the gap between feet lovers and people selling pictures of their beautiful, pedicured, salon-fresh feet. It offers you all the tools that you need to make a side gig using feet pics.

Feetify is a legal and social site where you can meet potential buyers willing to pay a lump sum to buy your feet pictures or videos. Although feet selling might seem bizarre at once, this business is highly thriving, thanks to safe and legit applications, like Feetify.

You might be surprised to learn that the app currently has 182,000+ active members, making it one of the most popular social media sites and money-earning apps of all time. So, if you have a pair of beautiful feet and you want to earn some side cash to handle your bills and daily splurging, consider using this app now and pocket 100% of your income.

How to Earn Money from Feetify?

So, you’ve already got aware of the basics, it’s time to find how to initiate the cash flow using Feetify. Don’t worry, earning money from Feetify is simple and effortless, and you don’t have to join tutorials to get started.

Here’s how to do so.

Step 1: Join for Free

  • Begin the process of downloading the app and move further to join the same. Create your Feetify account for free and get started. The best part – you are free to join for both buyers and sellers.
  • When creating an account on Feetify, you can either use your real name or a stage name, depending on your choice. If you are not comfortable with your real name, Feetify helps you hide your identity by using an alias.

Step 2: Start posting pics or videos

  • Once signed up, you can start posting feet photos and videos. Make sure to upload high-quality content to attract potential buyers. No matter how beautiful or pampered your feet are, no one is going to admire them if you post low-quality, blurred images. Hence, pay attention to what you are posting, as it is the key to earning money.

Step 3: Connect & Get Paid

  • Feetify comes with a dedicated messaging feature, so you can contact buyers or vice versa and trade your feet pictures successfully. Once you upload your feet pictures, interested buyers will start connecting with you via personal chat, and you can dictate to them the price of photographs.
  • If they agree to the price, make further arrangements and trade your feet pictures instantaneously. You can also earn more money by customizing feet pictures and videos according to the customer’s requirements.

Can anybody join Feetify?

Although this foot picture-selling app is free and legit, it might not be open to all. Buyers or sellers must have to fulfill a dedicated set of requirements to get started. So, before you get excited and make plans, it’s mandatory to know the prerequisites to join Feetify.

  • The first condition is that you must be 18 or older to become a seller. You will be instantly banned from the site if you don’t meet age requirements.
  • Secondly, you must not use fake profile pictures or AI-generated feet pictures. It must be real to get started.
  • DO NOT post foot videos or pictures of celebrities, as the system will quickly recognize them and restrict you from using the platform once and for all.
  • Low quality, poor resolution, and blurry images are a strict NO for this website.
  • When creating an account, you must not put your contact information to safeguard your privacy.


Feetify has come a long way and is listed among the best money-earning applications available on the internet. So, if you are all set to earn some side money without putting in extra effort, sign up with this platform now and see if it fulfills your money requirements. Although this platform allows you to message buyers, don’t harass them or bombard their inboxes with messages. The app is quite strict with its guidelines and will immediately block your account in any such situation.