The demand for online streaming services is increasing. People want to watch movies and series without and interruption or any trouble. Earlier, downloading movies from torrent was a trend, but recently video streaming apps have made their dominance in the market. Instead of downloading movies on the device, viewers prefer watching them online. Paid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and many more are thriving these days. However, all the viewers may not want to pay for such premium streaming services. That’s when free movie apps like CatMouse APK come to the rescue.

CatMouse APK is an android app that allows users to watch a large collection of movies and TV series. This is all for free. Users can simply install the app on their smartphone and they will be able to access a wide range of collections. The latest Cat Mouse APK can be downloaded from its official website called


Features of Cat Mouse APK for Android

This free movie streaming application is a clone of Terrarium TV. Users will experience a quick, easy, and enriched streaming experience. CatMouse APK doesn’t ask the users for registration so that they can have full entertainment without any hassle.

  • The collection of TV shows, anime, and movies is very large
  • Content is available in multiple languages
  • There are no intrusive ads and no sign-up required
  • Offline download feature allows the users to download any title
  • The whole catalog is available in high-quality
  • It has its own video player built-in the app so, there is no need to download an additional video player.
  • However, viewers can use external video players

Thus, we can conclude that Cat Mouse APK is one of the best android apps to watch movies online for free. However, there are many other apps like CatMouse APK that let the users stream the HD movies for free. Here, we will also tell you other similar apps like CatMouse APK.

Top Alternatives to CatMouse APK in 2021

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the recognized and legal platforms in streaming and it is gaining ground very fast. Created in 2014, Pluto TV was initially available in the USA, but now it is available in many other regions as well. It has taken advantage of the confinement to quickly position itself as one of the most popular on-demand content services.

This CatMouse APK alternative takes advantage of open signals from various channels. Whether you download the app, available for Android and iOS, or enter its website, you can find content of all kinds, series, movies, cartoons, and reality shows that are broadcast under a conventional cable television structure. On the other hand, there is its on-demand section, where you can find series, movies, and reality shows with a menu of contents to choose from in the purest style of Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Sony’s Crackle can also be one of the best CatMouse APK alternatives. This application has a wide catalog of on-demand content and it goes without saying that it is 100% legal. Ideal if you want to hang out without spending a dollar. It should be noted that Crackle’s list of series and movies is not as up-to-date as the paid platforms but they are certainly a good option when you have free time. Series and movies, even some classics. If you decide to use this platform, check before the contents are subtitled, there are some that appear only in the native language.

Popcorn Time

This is an application that allows us to watch movies for free on our smart device, be it a smartphone or a tablet in a comfortable and simple way. This app is compared to Netflix, so it seems to be quite good. It consists of 44 languages and is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows operating systems. The app is still standing and allows you to enjoy multiple premiere movies and television series that are on the rise. Popcorn Time is very easy to use application. You just have to select the movie, the quality, and the subtitles. This could be one of the best legal alternatives to CatMouse APK.


This app allows you to view movie trailers, projection schedules, and movie streaming from its extensive movie collection. You can see the best box office movies coming soon, and you can even check showtimes at nearby theaters. You can also create your own “wish list.”. Following user complaints, the latest update fixes replay issues and general bugs so everything works properly now. Give the Flixter app a try and let us know about your experience as it is said to be among the top free movie apps.

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