If you are a millennial and using the internet since this hypes era of online streaming then you might have heard about the YIFY torrent site. Yify used to the name of the trust of quality. It allowed users to download movies and TV shows and other multiple files for free. But after its founder steps off from the operation, it was renamed to YTS which is abbreviation “YIFY Torrent Solutions.” It changed its name frequently from YTS.RE and YTS.TO. After its shutdown in 2016, many clones of YTS are still available and you can try some of them. They are not as good as YTS but they feature a similar interface as the original YTS site.


YTS Proxy and Mirror link 2021

There are many proxies and mirror links of YTS are available on the internet. Not all of them are worth to try but we have mentioned the best one should try. Earlier YTS.ag was very popular but a few months ago it changed its name. Here are the names of the best YTS mirror links 2021.

So these are the best YTS proxies we found on the internet today.

Why should you use YIFY proxies or YTS mirror links?

Most of the popular torrent sites like RARBG, The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz, Torrentz2, and others are taken due to copyright issues. The only way to access these torrent sites is proxies and mirror links. Proxies and mirror links provide a similar interface to replicate the original one so users can feel like they are using the original site.

We have checked these YIFY or YTS mirror links and they are really exactly similar to the real ones so if you are planning to check some other similar sites like YTS then we suggest checking these YTS proxies first.

Why download movies from YTS torrent instead of streaming online?

These days we have multiple online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, and others. But they are paid service and we also have some illegal free streaming websites where we can watch free HD movies online. But to stream movies, you need to have a fast internet connection and on repeat stream, it consumes more data plus, you cannot transfer it to your other device.

So going to the old school is also a great option. You can download movies from YTS torrent where you get a phenomenal downloading speed and the quality of the file is assured. You can store it on your hard drive or mobile phone to watch it offline at any time. So downloading movies from any torrent site is easier and faster than other free movie downloading sites. Try YTS and other torrent sites for free.

Top torrents sites like YTS or YIFY | Best alternatives to YTS

If you want to try some other sites like YTS then we have mentioned here some of the best torrent sites to download movies, TV shows or anything that you want.


Our personal torrent site to download torrent files is 1337X and that is why it could be one of the best alternatives to YTS. The site has a huge collection of all the files that you want. You can download movies, TV shows, software, and anything that you want from it. After the shutdown of all the major torrent sites, it became the most used torrent in 2018. This has well-organized categories for each content like games, music videos, songs, and others. The new content is uploaded hourly so you will get everything fresh here. It is safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about any fake torrent files. Along with all these, you will also get a faster speed to download movies.


RARBG and The Pirate Bay are the most popular torrent sites after kickassTorrents. RARBG can be a great YTS alternative. There have been cases when RARBG had shut down or blocked by Google or government but the developers make sure that it stays online to cater to all the files for free to the users. It has a large community which usually seeds all the genuine and qualitative files. If you want to use RARBG then you have to use RARBG proxies or mirror links. The collection of all types of files on this RARBG alternative is really unmatchable. RARBG is the most popular torrent site for a reason. So you can use a VPN or proxies to access this site.


Torrentz2 is not actually a site that lets you download torrents files but it is a meta-search engine or torrent index site which will show you torrents files that you want from various reliable torrent sites. So you just have to search for any name of the movie, video, TV show, software, games, application eBook, or anything. This site is just like Google and it will show you multiple and relevant results. You can access this torrent site at Torrentz2.eu. Initially, the original site used to known as Torrentz but after the ban of it, some people brought this second version which is quite different from the original one but if you want a similar site like YTS then you should definitely check this out.

Signing out…

You should check out YTS proxies and mirror link first and if you want to try some more torrent sites then we definitely recommend these three torrent websites that can be used to download all types of files you want. Tell us in the comment box which one you like the most.