A few innovations have changed the online gambling scene dramatically, and live gaming is one. It gave gamblers something far better than regular online casino gaming. Live casinos let players gamble with human dealers, as opposed to the RNG software used in standard games. This gaming alternative was introduced in the mid-2000s, with Evolution Gaming being the first developer to set up a live casino studio. Now, live dealer games are basic offerings at online casinos. They are also readily available to play on handheld devices. With over 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile, it is practical for live casinos to host their games on handsets.

The combination of live dealer games and mobile devices is the epitome of convenience. Live mobile games replicate the traditional casino setting, which you can take anywhere. Whether using a smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android, you can access a variety of live titles across an array of casinos. If you are new to live dealer mobile gaming, you might have a few concerns about how to get the best experience. After all, you are playing on a compact platform, which you might not be used to. The tips below should guide you to take live gaming on mobile to the next level.

Native Apps over Websites

Technology has made it possible for operators to offer mobile games in more than one way. Mobile-responsive sites are the standard alternative for gambling platforms catering to mobile users. Initially, operators used Flash to make games playable on handheld devices, then adopted HTML5 technology. HTML5 games load on almost any handset through a browser. Therefore, you don’t have to download software to play live games. If you have a phone with limited storage, then a website browser is the most logical alternative. However, if your device allows it, go for dedicated apps instead.

The other method casinos present live dealer mobile games is using native applications. These apps are available for compatible iOS and Android devices. So, you require the right smartphone or tablet to download the app. The benefit apps have over mobile sites is that they offer a higher quality of games. Hence, you enjoy crisp sounds, vibrant graphics and great pictures. Since live games are streamed on HD quality, playing on an app allows you to experience the best of mobile gaming. A few minutes on the Plinko game app should give you an idea. Another advantage of mobile casino apps is a decent library. Mobile gambling platforms have smaller game selections than regular websites. However, an app will have a few more titles than a mobile website. Therefore, if you intend to try several live dealer games, then an app is the best choice.

The Bigger the Screen, The Better

As convenient as gaming on mobile can be, it can also be restrictive due to the display. A small screen can make navigating through live games a tad exhausting. Fortunately, smartphones and tablets have evolved to provide reasonably sized displays. You can find phones with large screens that enable you to click through a casino game comfortably.

So, for a rewarding live gaming adventure, pick a device with the largest display you can afford. Live casinos have a chat feature, which is of the reasons some gamblers like them. You can interact with the dealers or other players. A sizeable screen makes chatting and playing on the casino’s interface uncomplicated. Additionally, you can see the dealers and all the action in the studio better on a large display. You don’t have to worry about not seeing a dealer signaling you when it’s your turn to make a move.

Play in Landscape Mode

You can maximise a device’s screen size by gaming in landscape mode. If you don’t have the advantage of a large display, then setting your phone or tablet on landscape gives you more space to work with than in portrait mode. This trick is notably helpful when playing roulette, where you need to see the table layout to place bets. Landscape mode ensures you don’t miss any crucial details that might influence your gambling decisions.

Ensure a Stable Connection

Live games stream in real-time, which requires a strong internet network. The slightest interruption in the connection could mean losing your bet. If you are gambling on multi-player games, interruptions can be especially frustrating because the action won’t stop for you. Losing a connection could mean missing out on the best parts of a game. Gambling websites have policies on disconnected games, meaning you might be able to salvage your bankroll.

However, interrupted gaming can mess up your strategy, particularly if you are in the middle of a play. For this reason, make certain you have a stable internet connection. If your device has a 4G or 5G network, then you won’t have trouble playing with mobile data. Nevertheless, a broadband connection would be a better alternative. The point is to ensure live games stream smoothly. Before starting a live dealer game, check a casino’s policy on interrupted sessions.

Eliminate Distractions

A disadvantage of playing live dealer games on your phone is that you might have more distractions than on a PC. You have to deal with notifications from other apps, texts and calls. Some players might not be able to resist the urge to leave a game to check out other things on their devices. Avoid this by activating the ‘do not disturb mode’ if you have it. Also, ensure your device has sufficient battery charge. Live gaming consumes considerable power, and you might have to recharge your phone or tablet while playing.

Mobile live dealer games are an opportunity to experience some of the best online gambling offers. You enjoy various classic casino games with human dealers on the go. With a live mobile casino, you can play at the airport lounge, the park or home. However, similar to regular casino gaming, a few tactics can help you get the most satisfying experience when gambling on mobile devices.

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