iGaming is one of the largest industries in the world, and its global size is expected to exceed $90 billion by 2023. As in almost every industry this large, various organizations periodically hand out prizes. These awards cover many different categories such as online casino sites, online bookmakers, casino operators and determine which brands are the best in online gambling. Below, we list the most prestigious of these awards and briefly explain them all.


EGR Global Awards

The EGR (eGaming Review) awards are the most prestigious awards ceremony in the iGaming industry and are often compared to the Oscars. EGR is actually a B2B publisher and networking group, it publishes four different magazines every month and organizes briefings, summits, and webinars. One of its organizations is award ceremonies: there are multiple ceremonies organized by EGR for different types of services at regular intervals. For example:

  • EGR B2B Awards: This is the ceremony where the best B2B suppliers in online gaming are selected, and there are award categories such as betting and gaming software, networks, mobile, payments, recruitment IT, and infrastructure.
  • EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards: A ceremony for operators, affiliates and suppliers. It has 31 different categories and focuses on marketing campaigns.

The most well-known and most prestigious ceremony among these is the “EGR Operator Awards”. This is a ceremony held annually in November in London and consists of four categories: headline, operator, affiliate and general. Each category has multiple options, for example, the “general” category has three different awards: Employer of the Year, Game of the Year, and Diversity & Inclusion Model. The EGR is the most prestigious award in the online gambling industry and shows that a casino or developer exceeds all expectations.

SIGMA Awards

SIGMA started as a local gaming conference in Malta in 2014 but soon gained worldwide recognition. Currently, as a summit, it continues to be held annually in Malta in Autumn and has more than 15,000 attendees. However, SIGMA organizes different summits in Asia, the Americas, CIS, Europe, and Africa too: this is the most global event in the iGaming industry.

“SIGMA Europe Awards” is the largest and most prestigious ceremony held by this organization, but there are also ceremonies held in other geographical regions we have listed above. Since SIGMA also runs social responsibility projects, we can say that its awards are also extremely prestigious: they show that their owners are not only the best but also the most responsible. The SIGMA Europe Awards have 27 different award categories, the most important of which are:

  • Online Casino Provider of The Year
  • Rising Star Operator of The Year
  • Affiliate of The Year
  • Live Casino Provider of The Year
  • Online Casino Operator of The Year
  • Sportsbook Operator of The Year

Another difference of SIGMA awards is that players can vote as well. You can visit the SIGMA site right now and vote for the candidates selected for the available categories.

IGA Awards

The IGA (International Gaming Awards) is an awards ceremony organized by a company called “Clever Duck Media” and is simply denoted by the letters “GA”. You may have seen this award on many casino and sportsbook sites because due to its prestige, operators with this award always add it to their sites to show that they provide service above a certain quality level. Clever Duck also organizes different events such as “Women in Gaming Networking”, but the IGA Awards are its most well-known organization. This ceremony is held every year in February in London and has been going on since 2008. The IGA Awards have more than a dozen categories, the most important of which are:

  • Best Customer Service Company of the Year
  • eSports Betting Software of the Year
  • Mobile Operator of the Year
  • Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • Safer Gambling Award
  • US Gaming Company of the Year (Canada, North America, South America)

We can say that IGA Awards give more weight to sports and esports betting compared to others. It also gives prizes not only for online gaming but also for land-based gambling.

iGaming Idol

This is a very different award ceremony because while all the others are for game studios and operator companies, this one is addressed directly to individuals. In other words, the best “people” in the gaming industry are selected in different categories. Another difference is that the selected candidates have to prove themselves before a jury. So, this is not just a ceremony for rewards, the jury decides who will win during the ceremony itself (according to the performance of the candidates). This is also a prestigious award but for individuals: the winners adding it to their CV can see very positive results in their careers. Some of the award categories are:

  • Casino Dealer Idol of the Year
  • Customer Service Idol of the Year
  • Finance Manager Idol of the Year
  • Marketing Manager Idol of the Year
  • CEO of the Year

This ceremony has been held in Malta every September since 2016 and is sponsored by global companies such as BDO & Zimpler.

Image Source: PEXEL