Gaming has witnessed some significant evolution over the years. Card games were first the most popular, and then in the 80s, video games began surfacing and they gained immense popularity. Now, the latter is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of players around the world. Yet, card games have always retained their popularity, especially with new games invented over the years. Whether it is poker or Pokemon, card games are arguably much harder than video games, and they require a different level of skill and attentiveness. Here are some playing styles that can help you improve your gameplay and beat your opponent:

Aggressive/ Attacking

This is a very common playing style with different card games, though many would say it is unwise to follow this particular strategy. Aggressive players are the ones who are very quick to show their hand, making moves as soon as possible without always considering the repercussions. They basically lay all their cards on the table and go for the win, even if the opportunity wasn’t always convenient. Their strategy is to win the game fast, without giving the other player the chance to catch their breath or think about a proper game plan.

It actually works sometimes, but if you are up against an experienced player, they won’t flinch. Instead, they will most likely try to absorb your initial excitement and counteract your offense. This is why you should be careful using this strategy; it can be very efficient, but it can also cost you the game if you use it at the wrong time. Try to read the players first. If they seem like slow thinkers who would take forever to figure out their next move, storm them with yours and don’t give them the chance to find a proper game plan.


A reserved playing style is a bit tricky. Some would argue it is the best strategy to follow, and that it often yields excellent results. Players who are conservative with their gameplay always question every move, whether that is yours or theirs. Reserved players have a certain aura to them that is unique. As you can see on, if you’re playing trading card games, they will be the ones with custom-designed playmats and card sleeves. They think about those small details like protecting their cards; they’re meticulous like that.

Reserved players often deal with card games like they would chess; they ponder each move and its consequences, which is why they always seem smarter in the game. They also never rush in, which is why they might have a higher win ratio than most other players with different styles. While this playing style might actually land you more wins, it is not ideal for all situations. A reserved player might not be able to counter an aggressive opponent’s fast, relentless gameplay. When the other player doesn’t give you the time to plan, you need to know how to react and come up with an answer on the spot without taking too much time to think.


While this is the most difficult playing style to master, it might just be the best. A balanced playing style in card games combines elements from the previous two. You can be aggressive when you need to be, but you can also play the long game and be reserved until you find an opening. This might sound like an easy thing to do, but trying to enforce such a strategy in an actual game often proves more challenging than you’d think. This is why you have to practice this balanced playing style. When you do, you will be able to counteract aggressive players and beat them at their own game. You will know how to make fast and efficient decisions that wouldn’t jeopardize your overall game plan, which is crucial for winning against aggressive players. You will also know how to look at the big picture without being drawn into reserved players’ schemes and traps.

Playing styles mostly rely on a person’s character and preferences. Aggressive players are often adventurous people who like taking risks, and they don’t mind losing it all in the process. Reserved ones, on the other hand, are those you see contemplating every problem from all angles so they can make the right decision. This isn’t to say you can’t change your style; you can, but it won’t be easy. You will have to control your impulses to do that. But once you do, you will be a much better card player.