Streaming services have changed television behaviour. In theory, nobody has been dependent on television programs for a few years now. All series and films are always and everywhere available, at least where there is sufficient network. Streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are already making huge in the streaming world and new services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ have entered the business. In 2021, we shall also witness the Warner Brothers’ online streaming service entitles “HBO Max.” Well, all these services have taught us to cut the cable cord but these services come at a price and not all of us want to pay for it.

Well, many of the users are still looking for the free Netflix and how to watch Netflix for free life and free Netflix alternatives. These all are some of the most searched keywords on Google and they many users are still willing to pay subscription fees of these streaming service. So, in this article, we are going to show you some of the best sites to watch movies online. There are many reasons to switch to these sites:

  • They are free
  • No ads (if you know how, we will tell you here, later)
  • No sign up needed
  • All the movies and TV shows of all streaming platform on single website
  • HD streaming
  • No app needed and support all devices

We think these reasons are enough to convince you to go for free websites to watch HD movies and TV shows online.


How to watch movies online without ads? How to remove ads online?

Well, this is not a trick and not a big deal. If you are using PC then you just need to install an extension called “AdBlock” on your browser and it will do the rest. This extension supports Google Chrome and Firefox smoothly. It will also block the ads from all the sites including free streaming websites and YouTube as well.

AdBlock is also available for mobile but it won’t work on apps like YouTube or other. But if you using Google Chrome or default browser then this AdBlock app will work like charm on your phone to block as well. On browser, it will also block the ads on YouTube.

Top Free Movie Websites HD


If you are a fan of watching movies online then you might be familiar with this site. Fmovies is one of the most popular and trusted sites to watch free movies online. This site has some cool interface and a massive collection of movies and TV shows. HD video streaming quality and there is no need for signing up. Another good thing about this site is that since many years this site has sustained in the market and it hasn’t been taken down by Google or authorities. So, you can rely on it.


This is one of our favorite movie websites. This site is totally free but gives you an experience of a premium site. Earlier, it was called, but recently it has changed its name. This site has amazing UI and super collection of movies and TV shows. Just like Fmovies, you don’t need to sign up here and with AdBlock, you can block ads on this website.


Pubfilm may not be known to many of the viewers but it is indeed a great free movie website to watch HD content. You have also got TV shows, and Anime section on this site and all these at no cost and no ads. It has all the latest movies on its homepage. If you want to find a new movie then you can make a search through the search option.


IOMovies can be accessed at and it has great collection of movies and TV shows. No need to sign up and there are no ads with the AdBlock so, you can have a hassle-free live HD movie streaming experience. The site is easily accessible on any of your devices. So, you can watch all the latest movies for free in HD even on your smartphone. If you are unable to access the site at, you can try


123movies is not just a site but it’s a network of sites that provides you several free movie websites. But the main site is really showstopper. Due to the several DMCA issues, this site has to change its users name very frequently but you can Google or Yahoo it and find the latest working 123movies proxies. The site has super classy interface and you can find any movie or TV show quickly with the search option.

G2G Movies

G2G movies is also an amazing website to watch all the latest and classic movies in a single platform. You won’t find TV shows here as the site is totally emphasized on providing films only. It has got movies from all the genre and all of them are well-organized. You can find movies by year, country, language, trending, and features on the site. It will show the IMDB rating so you can make your decision precisely. The video quality is good so, if you need one of the best sites to watch movies then this could be bookmarked on your browsers.

Best Free Movie Websites to Download

These are the best two sites to download HD movies for free with reliable and fast download servers.


Downloadhub is by one of the best free movie sites to download movies. Well, it doesn’t offer free streaming service but, guess what, not all of us are great fans of streaming online. So, in case, if you need to movie for offline watching at your leisure time then this site could be the one. This site has Bollywood, Hollywood, and Indian shows for free download in HD quality with fast download servers. Downloadhub could be the best site to download Bollywood movies in HD. The site is accessible at


PSArip is one of my favorite free websites to download movies and TV shows. You can access the site at and it is the best because I know at this site, I was able to find the latest episodes of Game of Thrones quickly after broadcast. It has got content in 720p and 1080p. The download links are from the reliable sources and there more than 12 download links for every movie or episode. You may have to deal with ad popups as AdBlock can’t block ad popups.

Final words…

So, these are the best free websites to watch and download movies from the internet. These sites work on mobile, tablet, and PC obviously. You might know other similar site that you think are the best in this category then you can share with us in the comment box.