You need impressive skills to write an unconventional supplemental essay so that the college admission committee will give you a chance to become a student at this educational institution. Many students post Princeton supplemental essays that have helped them get into college. Surely, taking a closer look at well-written Princeton essays will come in handy when you are required to write a Princeton supplement essay to get enrolled. However, do not forget that you need to be a little creative and you need to keep in mind tons of significant aspects while drafting your supplement essay.

Supplemental essays provide admission committees with an opportunity to learn more about your personality, as well as about the extracurricular activities you have been involved in.  As you have already understood, Princeton supplement essays cannot simply be about the reasons why you want to attend this particular educational institution. Surely, you need to explain why you have chosen this college in your Princeton supplement essay. Yet, a lot depends on the major you want to choose. If you want to major in arts, your Princeton arts supplement essay should be really unconventional. In general, the idea of writing Princeton supplemental essays is for the college administration to learn more about you, your ambitions and career plans. Here are a few tips that will help you draft a killer Princeton supplement essay and increase your chances of being enrolled.

#1 – Do not repeat the info you have already mentioned in your personal statement essay.

Surely, you already know which college you are going to apply to and which major you are going to choose which is why there is no need to answer such a question as Where is Princeton University or something like that. Typically, the word count of supplement essays including Princeton essays ranges from 150 to 400, so you don’t want to use that precious space to write about something that you had already mentioned in your personal statement essay. A lot of students make this mistake trying to emphasize their accomplishments and activities in every component of their application, which includes both the supplemental essay and the personal statement essay. You need to focus on something different. Prove that going to this college will help you realize your full potential or explain how getting a degree in a chosen field will assist your future career.

#2 – Demonstrate your best qualities in your supplemental essays.

Instead of writing “I am kind, diligent, and hard-working,” you need to provide a lot of examples, and you’ll also want to show different sides of who you are. You’re not just hard-working, you’re not just kind, as you need to demonstrate how you have acquired these qualities in your Princeton essay.

#3 – Be consistent.

When writing a supplement essay, make sure there is a logical transition from one paragraph to another. What is more, back up the info you have specified in your application by dwelling upon it in detail in this piece of writing. For instance, you have mentioned that you have done some volunteer work. This is your chance to tell what exactly have you been doing.

At Princeton, you may have to submit more than one essay. So it’s really important to know how to deal with different kinds of assignments. For example, you may suddenly need to figure out how to write a coursework, so you have to be ready for that.  This type of writing calls for a profound research study which presupposes that you should get down to its accomplishment as early as possible.

#4 – Focus on empathy.

Here’s what you need to realize about writing college essays. Not everything is about you. When you want to get into college like Princeton you have to show that you are more than an average human and you care about the local community. A lot of Princeton University graduate programs are aimed at those students who are willing to take action. You can write about how competitive and persistent you are when it comes to academics, but also mention that you care about the common good, whether that is tutoring students from a low-income neighborhood or fundraising money for a cause that you are truly passionate about.

#5 – Examine all types of supplemental essays and start with the one that requires the longest word count

Traditionally, there are three types of supplemental essays: “why college essays,” “why major essay,” and “extracurricular supplemental essay.” You need to make sure the answers you provide in each of them are precise. Start with the one that you find more difficult to write. This way, you will manage to tackle the most complex task first which will give you additional motivation to continue.

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