With many mothers being in active employment, taking care of their young ones have become a headache. Gone are the days when work was the prerogative of men. I am talking to you mum if you live in fear of exposing your child to the risk of abduction or many other dangers. Put those worries to rest because Kidgy location tracker will keep you updated on your kid’s whereabouts. You do not have to worry even if you are traveling, busy at work or not near your kid. Join me as we learn more about kidgy location tracker. This is an online application showing your kid’s activities even when not near you. It can track your kid’s location and movements remotely.


What the tracker can do

  • Block or bar adult sites in the internet
  • Setting up of assignments online
  • Tracking the exact location of your child at any given time
  • Monitoring and controlling of internet, calls and message activities

You will not overstress yourself in knowing your kid’s interactions. The message and call tracker will notify or keep a record of all calls and messages.

As to where your kid is at any particular moment, GPS location tracker offers the solution. You will know when and at what time your kid was at a specific location.

You do not have to worry about your child’s exposure to harmful or age-restricted content because kidgy filters them all.

Are you finding it challenging to give assignments to your Kid? Then kidgy tracker will help you assign tasks to the kid.

Benefits of Kidgy tracker

  1. Online cyber security

Exposing your kid to the internet without limit could expose him to cyber attacks and bullies. These bullies may trigger psychological disorders or life-threatening ailments. Though your kid may innocently post their photos on social media, cyber attacks may ensue leading to mental or psychological attacks. The Internet is full of unregulated content, which could be harmful to your child. The app makes sure your kid is protected from those unbecoming contents, calls, or messages. By limiting internet usage and access duration, your child will have time to do their homework or concentrate in class.

  1. Knowing your kid’s whereabouts

You will be able to check on the movement and all the online activities of your child. There will be prompts whenever your child crosses your set safe or unsafe locations.

  1. Encouraging kids to do assignments

Whether you are there or not, your kid will always do their tasks or homework. This is because they know you are monitoring them remotely.

  1. Limiting your kid’s online access

Setting limits to what your kid can be able to access online. This also enables you to block harmful or adult sites from access. This gives them more time to do school assignments and other chores at home.

Kidgy offers the best GPS tracker for the working mom. Does Kidgy tracker not only locate and monitor kids, but also a good Location tracker for pets. You will not worry about your pet’s location and activity anymore.