We have all used YIFY Movies services at least once. This platform is widely recognized for allowing us to view our favorite movies from a featured torrent system. However, along with such good opportunities, there has also been controversy, as the site has been blocked and sued in many countries for being “pirated.” Yify has been renamed as YTS.am but the domain name of YTS torrent has also been changed many times so it is not easy to use YIFY or YTS torrent. There are still other alternatives to YIFY Movies.

In fact, such platforms abound on the web, as they are so popular that regulations are never enough. The best way to adapt to other services is to get to know them and try everything they have to offer. But so that you do not have to waste yourself searching and reading on the web, as here, we tell you in-depth about the top YIFY Movies alternatives to download movies and TV series.


Top Torrent Sites to Download Movies and TV shows | Best Alternatives to YIFY Movies

The Pirate Bay

It is impossible for us to make the list of best torrent sites or the alternatives to YIFY alternatives without The Pirate Bay, one of the most comprehensive and the best torrent site. Its career in the world of torrents has been many years, including the time when it has to circumvent blocks. But it always does as its name is more than enough to tell you that the content you find here is totally pirated, so you should pay close attention to the fake links and buttons that have malware.

But apart from that, The Pirate Bay is a super incredible option to download video games, whether for computers or consoles. You also find thousands of totally free software and applications, including their respective patches and keygens. It has a universal search engine that resembles lots of Google, so from there you will start your searches and you can download movies and TV series and many other things. If you need operating systems and even song discs, here you will find the best ones.

YTS or YTS.am

There is one thing we all agree on with torrent sites: we are never exempt from downloading dangerous malware or viruses. But YTS guarantees that every file on the platform is really high-quality and you can download it without any worry. This platform has a series of supervisors, who are in charge of analyzing each and every one of the files, including their respective links. To make them available, they approve it and so you forget about fears. There are movies, videos, programs, applications, video games, and much more.

YTS is just a new name of the YIFY movies so this can be one of the best alternatives to YIFY Movies. YTS mainly emphasizes movies so you are going to get lots of it here and the download trackers also render a super speed.

Kickass Torrent

With Kickass Torrent everything goes to extremes. And is that the option to download all kinds of free files is an opportunity that you cannot miss. The platform has its catalog of movies and series, which users tend to look for most when they consider trying other alternatives to YIFY Movies. Although its interface is not as specialized as the previous ones if you have a folder to select the link and download it to your computer with a few clicks.

It should be noted that Kickass Torrent links are always enabled. If one stops working, another will take its place in a short time so that you are always downloading when you want. As for other files, here you can download software, applications, programs, operating systems, and video games. Kickass Torrent has been blocked officially since the last few years but you can some really good working proxy and mirror links to try.


RARBG has nothing to do with the RAR file type. It is one of the most trusted and popular torrent sites to download movies, TV shows, songs, OS, apps, software, and many other things. RARBG became popular after KAT.cr got blocked a few years back. so RARBG is one of the alternatives to YIFY Movies. RARBG has also been blocked in many countries for DMCA breach but you will fill hundreds of proxies of this YIFY alternative on the internet easily.

The community of RARBG is very active and it doesn’t tolerate fake torrent links on the site so users will always get the solid torrent file of any movie or others. RARBG is much more than just being the YIFY movies alternative so we would definitely recommend this site.

Popcorn Time

PopCorn Time is in fact one of the best-known alternatives in the world of streaming through torrents since it has a flow of daily users that exceeds hundreds of thousands. And we don’t blame them as it is equipped with a catalog of those most popular movies and TV series of all time. But believe it or not, they tend to upload movies that are just opening in theaters, a few days after debut.

Meanwhile, PopCorn Time has nothing to envy on other platforms. The quality of the files is simply amazing and if it is in 4K, there will be announcements and signs that will make you identify them quickly. As for the language, things change a bit, as you will only find movies in their original language. But if it is enough for you or you prefer subtitles, all you have to do is open it, select the file, watch it online or download it to your computer. So, all these things make this one of the best alternatives to YIFY movies to download movies and TV shows.


Of course, Torrentz2 must also be taken into account. In fact, this platform has quite a bit to offer, so you shouldn’t do without it. Movies, software, and even complete albums of popular songs. There is a bit of everything and you can download several versions of the same file, choose the particular regions, find multiple reviews, among thousands of other incredible things. It is a clone of very popular torrent site Torrentz.

Torrentz2 is among the best torrent sites in the world because it is not just a torrent site that host file but it is a meta-search engine. IT is more like a Google-like search engine only to search torrent files; you just have to make the search for any title and it will show you the best results from trusted torrent sites so you don’t have to look on every torrent sites.