Last year before the global lockdown, the latest version of the new Minecraft nether update snapshot came with a lot of new changes. Developers did some new and exciting things that players did not expect, and one of them was the return of the Crying Obsidian block.

What Is Crying Obsidian and How to Get It?

Crying Obsidian is a block that will naturally generate in the world and also can be found in chests. It can also be traded with Piglin in order to get. So, many have questions about how do I get Crying Obsidian? As we said, it is naturally generating in ruined portals. The ruined portal will generate in nether, and whenever these ruined portals generate, they will have Crying Obsidian somewhere within that portal. There is also another place where you can get the Crying Obsidian. You can see them in the chest inside Bastion remnants.

What Is Crying Obsidian Used For?

Crying obsidian has been added to the game, and you are probably wondering what crying obsidian is used for. As we said, it can be obtained by trading with piglins, but you have a nine percent chance of dropping them. Once you have six, you can put them in a particular order in your crafting table with three Glowstone in the middle to get a Respawn Anchor. Now how do you use the Respawn Anchor? All you have to do is charge the Respawn anchor by putting more Glowstone in it with a maximum of four. You now have four respawns; if you hit it one more time, you will get a respawn point set notification on the side. Thus, you would see one of the Glowstones lights taken away from the Respawn anchor when you die. This means you have used one of the respawns from the respawn anchor.

A lot of people will originally guess that Crying Obsidian is in place of obsidian and can make a portal out of the Nether. Well, it is sad to say that it cannot happen, and this will not create a portal for you to use. There is a lot of differences between Crying Obsidian and obsidian. Another exciting use of this new Crying Obsidian is that it can be used as a light source. It gives off a light level of tin that may not seem like a lot of light, but considering its blast resistance, it is by far the strongest light you have in the game.

Incredible Secrets About Crying Obsidian You Should Know

There is actually a long history of this block that a lot of you might not be aware of. So, we will tell you some amazing secrets that you might not have known about the Minecraft Crying Obsidian.

Crying Obsidian Is Not a New Thing

The Minecraft Crying Obsidian block was first leaked as an abandoned project by Jeb (Jens Bergensten), one of the developers of Mojang. The original purpose was said to be to change the players’ spawn point. So just what you could do with commands today or with a bed that you go up to it and it will be used to change your spawn point.

It Was Replaced by Beds in the Past

Crying Obsidian was abandoned because of the introduction of beds. We all know and are in love with beds in Minecraft today. It is one of the first things you always put in your base, and that is because they are used to set your spawn point, and obviously, because of this feature, that was added to beds, and Crying Obsidian was left behind. Now we think this is more because of the change in the direction of Minecraft and where it wanted to go. Because over the age, Minecraft has been adding more features.

Crying Obsidian Was Added in the Old Version

The texture was added at first in Minecraft 1.3 beta. Now, this was found by some people in the game files, and that is how it was first of all discovered. And that is how we have the texture of it today, and it has been recreated in many mods.

Changes in the New Block

The texture was kind of a mix of cobblestone, obsidian, bedrock, and sandstone. Unlike the new texture added, it is nowhere near as bright and this purple like the one introduced in the game last year. It was a lot duller and literally looked like crying obsidian. It had lapped its light blue textures coming outside to make it look like water was dripping out and like the obsidian was literally crying. Now the new texture is just a lot brighter and fitting a lot better with the theme of Minecraft.

What Is the Purpose of Crying Obsidian?

This mournful fairy about the new Minecraft Crying Obsidian block is that its purpose might be related to the older Crying Obsidian block. And, this is because it might be to set the prize spawn point in the Nether. This makes a lot of sense because if you think about it nether encouraging people to get into the Nether and start exploring especially, with the introduction of the new biomes. But the reason a lot of players are scared to go in there is that if they die, they have to go all the way back to the overworld, then come back to the Nether and then run back to the loot quickly. However, if you have the Crying Obsidian block, it would allow you to set your spawn there, and we think it actually encouraged a lot of people to settle there in create bases. We all know beds do not work in the Nether, so this actually makes a lot of sense.

Other Interesting Facts

There are many certain things that you can do with Crying Obsidian. For instance, if you create furniture using Crying Obsidian, it can have feelings. It will not have a crying sound, but it will have emotions. Another creative way to use Crying Obsidian is to create a different spaceship that may look like of different planet. The dripping particles of this block will give a weird look to your spaceship, and it can be used to scare Steve.

You can just grab some crying obsidian and nether block to create a lotte nether area of your own. The blocks will ooze into the overworld and gradually spread to avoid getting lost. The Crying Obsidian helps to add enticing effects to this as it has amazing lights and particles.

Final words

These are some fantastic things that you should know about this new element added in the game recently. If you have used it and you know other exciting information about Crying Obsidian, you can let our readers know through the comment box.

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