Technology could greatly expedite the manual grading process for most of the teachers. They can then channel that energy into understanding and giving special attention to their students and on improving their lessons.

Homework service highlights ten awesome applications that assist in grading your students work.



This application has all the important tools to process students’ work and share the result. For example assess students’ work, assign grades, comment and add an audio recording as feedback.

The tool also allows you to view students’ performance per each task, as a class or per individual student and also export the reports to CSV or HTML formats.


This tool comes in handy when assessing documents, assignments or passages against plagiarism. It helps reduce intellectual theft which occurs through copying and reproducing other people’s work without acknowledging them.


This application is best when grading assignments or quizzes with multiple choice options. The application is able to process the scanned quiz using your smartphone and to assign grades.

ZipGrade’s only limitation is that it only assigns the scores of the students but not the feedback.


This application is best when teachers wish to create exciting and engaging assignments which they later share with their students. The application also helps in grading the students’ work as they submit.

Itunes U

This application is great in arranging your work from giving assignments, maintaining a grade book to personal chats. You will be able to follow the assignment status on each of your students.


This application looks much similar to Facebook. It is fast in issuing assignments, coming up with groups, planning tests, grading and handling them through the different stages.

Grade Ticker

This tool assists tutors in following the points taken away as you mark the assignments and examinations. It helps assign the grade as you mark instead of waiting until you are done with marking.

Gradebook Pro

This tool is great in managing your classroom. The teacher can classify homework and view the score per category, use conventional or customized grading system, give bonus points or take away foul points, compute the average marks for every task or the class performance, send reports, rosters or results to students via email. You may also generate the same copies in PDF formats.


This is a tool added to Google Forms that assists you issue score and analyze online tasks.

The tool helps you view the performance for every student, note the ones who need assistance, view the mean score and a chart of the results. You may also deduce the tasks missed by most of your students and also email the students’ performance to them.


This tool assist you issue assessments and see the status as the students take it. It makes it possible to give them immediate grades and feedback too. It is much similar to Google forms only that this is much friendly and has more important features at the teachers’ disposal.

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