Cumblr emerged as one of the best alternatives to Tumblr a few years back. But just like many others, this social media platform went into good for nothing in the meantime. So, now people are looking for the top Alternatives sites for blogging. These sites are even better than Cumblr and Tumblr. Some of these don’t have NSFW restrictions so you can enjoy all the things that you want.

Check out the best alternatives to Tumblr and Cumblr:



DeviantArt is the ideal Tumblr and Cumblr alternative for artists. The focus is on visual content. Own photos, graphics, or illustrations are easily shared and displayed to other users. Drawings, paintings, and photos are among the most popular types of content. But animes, stock photos, vector graphics, or flash films are also presented on the platform. Text content can also be published but is rarely found. In addition, users can exchange information with one another. This is done via comments, profiles, or in the available groups and forums.

The chance that your own content is displayed on the homepage is particularly appealing to artists. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the growing community. The integrated shop offers a special added value for artists: There works of the user are offered, which can then be ordered by other members. Buyers receive the artwork either as an art print, canvas, photo, or as a print on a product. For example, there are mugs, mousepads, or magnets to choose from. Free membership is also sufficient for this service.


The co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, also developed the platform Medium. This alternative to Cumblr offers the opportunity to publish your own blog posts in an attractive and uniform design. With regard to the length of the text, there is significantly more freedom. In addition, the content can be enhanced with embedded videos, pictures, or Pinterest pins. Other users can like, comment, and share your post. The average reading time is automatically indicated for each blog post. Medium also provides insight into the statistics of its own contributions.

With over 60 million active users every day, many potential readers can be reached. The articles on the medium are considered to be particularly qualitative. If you have already created your content on other pages such as WordPress, you can easily import it. Google sees this only as the distribution of content and therefore does not penalize duplicate content. Of course, changes can still be made before publication.


The name Pinterest is made up of the words pin and interest. Interesting content is pinned according to the name and thus saved in a separate collection. The visually shaped platform resembles an image database. Both own and third-party posts are displayed to other users on boards with different topics. Interested parties have the option of only following the pins they are interested in. This makes it easy for the Tumblr alternative to address different target groups. YouTube videos or Instagram postings can also be shared via Pinterest.

Usually, Pinterest is often used as a search engine for ideas and inspiration. The advantage over other platforms is the high half-life of the content. Contributions are visible for around three months. In addition, the content is indexed by Google and can also be found via this source. Comments and personal messages are also possible on Pinterest but are rarely used. The integrated Pinterest Analytics tool can be used with a free business profile. This allows content creators to see the statistics of their posts.

The Tumblr and Cumblr alternative developed in Austria is available all across the world. Your own texts, links, quotations, videos, audio files, and even events can be shared on the microblog with little effort. The special feature is that content from the Internet can be saved in the personal album. Posts from Tumblr can also be archived in the “own soup”.

The Cumblr alternative offers the possibility to form groups on certain topics, in which the members can then exchange ideas and share content. You can also respond to each post with your own content – whether with text, images, or video.


Instagram is now one of the most important social media networks alongside Facebook. The online service is therefore best suited as a Cumblr or Tumblr alternative for those who want to share their own or third-party content with real or virtual friends. Free registration is a prerequisite for use. Instagram is also available as a web version, but the functions are optimized for use on mobile devices.

Photos and videos can be shared on Instagram. Thanks to integrated filters, images are processed directly in the app and optimized before uploading. Spontaneously captured photos can be shared quickly and easily with the community. In addition to profiles, users can also follow hashtags. This automatically fills the feed with interesting content. The use of hashtags also makes it easier to distribute your own content. If you set up a free business account, you can see statistics about the range achieved and the absolute number of visitors.

Like Facebook, Instagram is a complex social network. It has more than 500 million users. This enables large numbers of followers to be won for your own content campaign. However, the shared content now often contains advertising because influencers conclude advertising deals.


WordPress is a free content management system. A blog or your own website can be created in a few steps using the open-source software that too without programming knowledge. WordPress provides the hosting, the domain, and storage space. The available functions are constantly being expanded because the large community regularly develops new plug-ins, widgets, and themes. Mobile-friendly templates make it easy to create responsive designs. Statistics, SEO functions, or buttons for sharing content in social networks are standard features. Optional packages offer individual domain names, additional designs, and plug-ins.

As an alternative to Cumblr and Tumblr, WordPress also allows long texts with integrated images or videos to be published. While creating content is easy, it is difficult to distribute it. Unlike Instagram or DeviantArt, there are no hashtags (but keywords) and no comparable integrated social network, because a WordPress project is always an independent web project. If you want to build reach, you need regular content and patience. This can be accelerated by commenting on other posts, networking with other bloggers, or using internal links.


Google also has a blogging platform in its portfolio that is named Blogger and is a good alternative to Tumblr and Cumblr. Similar to WordPress, each blog of the content management system receives its own domain. Neither do authors have to worry about hosting and storage space. Many templates, layouts, and background images are available for the design.

The alternative of Cumblr from Google has several other advantages. With the online service AdSense, advertising on the blog can be automatically displayed. This allows you to monetize your contributions. No programming skills are required to integrate the Google program. Blogger also gives you an insight into various statistics such as monthly page views or information about the sources of the traffic. The connection with Google Analytics extends the evaluation options. In addition, you can be seen in Google search results much faster than with other blogging platforms.

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