Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms. If you are a creator or simply a user who wants to make the most out of this platform, it goes without saying that Stories is an integral part of that whole process.

However, to be able to spice up your Instagram stories, music is an essential part of that process. So, if you are seeing an error as “music not available” when creating your Instagram stories, there are multiple reasons for that.

This article will explore more about the potential causes and the way to fix the error without any hassle at all.

Why is the “Music not available” Error Showing up on Instagram Story?

If you are seeing the “music not available” error popping up every time you try to create an Instagram story, there could be multiple reasons behind that, including:

  • The song is not available in your region
  • You are using a Business Instagram account
  • There is a bug in the Instagram app
  • Your internet connection is not strong enough

Either way, it’s mandatory that you analyze what the issue is and then implement a relevant fix from the ones we will mention later.

Ways to Fix the “Music not Available” Error on Your Instagram Story

If you are noticing that the “music not available” error is popping up on your Instagram story, it is crucial that you first identify the issue and then implement a relevant fix from the options below.

1.    Update your Instagram app

Software glitches and bugs are very common when you haven’t updated your Instagram app in a long time. So, one of the best ways to work around the issue is to check the Play Store or App Store for updates and then update the app accordingly.

If the app is outdated, you might not find the “Add music” option on your Instagram story, making it impossible for you to add a relevant song to the story. Hence, updating the app is the only fix in that case.

2.    Log out and log in

If you find that Instagram music isn’t working for your stories, the thing you can do in that case is log out of the app and start a new session.

Follow Instagram > Profile > Settings > Logout to log out of the account you are currently signed into. Once done, close the app relaunch it, and then log back into your profile and see if the music option is available again.

3.    Switch to a professional Instagram account

If you are using a business Instagram account, that could be a reason why you aren’t getting access to all the music for your Instagram stories.

In that case, switching to a professional Instagram account can help. Also, personal Instagram accounts have certain restrictions, which you can overcome when you switch to a professional one.

4.    Use VPN

There are instances where you have specific songs that are limited to certain parts of the world. So, if you live somewhere where that specific song or music isn’t available, you won’t be able to add that to your Instagram story.

In that case, switching to a paid VPN service can help you figure things out. We’d 100% recommend using a reliable and renowned VPN service that has a good reputation in the market. The free VPN service providers often track data, which might not be safe for use.

5.    Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Sometimes, issues with the operating system or the device’s software could lead to a temporary bug that could contribute to the “music not available” error on Instagram. 

If that is the case, the easiest workaround is to uninstall your Instagram app and then reinstall it. What this will do is ensure that you have the latest version of Instagram and also deal with any kind of temporary bugs or glitches that could have been affecting the user experience.

6.    Use a separate device

If none of the above fixes are working out for you, the last thing that’s left to do is ditch the smartphone you are using at present and switch to a different one. What this will do is enable you to explore more features that might not be available with your current device.

This particular fix holds if you have had your smartphone for a long time now. Device compatibility is a common issue that could be the reason why the music feature for Instagram stories isn’t available for you.


If you are experiencing a “music not available” error when trying to create an Instagram story, these are some of the effective fixes you can implement to overcome the issue. To be fair, there are a variety of ways you can navigate around this error but we’d suggest you identify the cause first and then implement the relevant fix.

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