Parenting is no easy task. Nowadays it has become even more difficult due to the digital development and ease of access to almost anything in the world. Keeping the children safe from the arms of the digitalism has become quite a difficult job. This isn’t mean to scare you all.

The sole purpose of this article is to aware the parents of the threats their kids are prone to and present suitable solutions to them. Although it’s true for a fact that the growing connectivity won’t allow you to protect your child from dangers completely but there are a lot of things you can do for it such as smartly utilizing the parental controls. It will allow you to monitor your kids’ online behavior and interactions and enable you to build a protection wall between them and bad available over the internet. Here is everything you need to know about parental controls that can lend you a hand in keeping your children secure online.


How parental control can aid the safety of your child online?

Following are the things all fathers and mothers can do by using several parental control options available:

Filter the content they can view:

Everything has its own pros and cons, not everything available on the internet has a positive effect on the infantile minds of the children. Certainly, you cannot hinder the progress of your children by keeping them away from the internet and technology in this technologically advanced world. But you can filter the content they are allowed to access online. Parents can block certain types of content or can filter the content available to their children on the basis of its substance i.e. parents can block pornography, gambling, chat rooms, and other non-educational games etc. This action can be done both ways i.e. device wise and network wise.

In order to do so network wise, you need to get yourself a good internet connection. Fortunately, I have several ISPs near me which allow me to choose the best. The New York internet market contains many internet providers that allow you to filter the content based on your priorities.

Restrict the sharing option:

Kids tend to share everything they see or watch online. Almost everything on the internet comes with a sharing button embedded in it. In order to restrict your children from sharing unnecessary things which can land them in trouble waters unknowingly, you can take away the sharing option or can restrict it with password protection (which means one can share something by verifying the access through password).

Constrain the Search Results:

We all know it for a fact that search engines don’t hold any information back- basically, they don’t have any filter. Well, search engines may not have any filter, butone certainly can establish one. You can find several guides and tutorials online which can help you do it on your own. This filter application on the search engine won’t let any inappropriate and harmful content appear in the search results.

Block unnecessary pop-ups:

Pop-ups have always been around since the inception of the internet and they still are as annoying as they ever were. Sometimes these pop-ups also contain malware or sensitive content which can be harmful to allow the mental health of your children. These pop-ups from less savory parts of the internet need to be blocked. Pop-up blockers block all the pop-ups preventing your computer from viruses and your children from clicking some inappropriate pop-ups.

Set time limits for the internet:

Too much of the internet can drift your kid away from all the physical activities and he may turn out to be an introvert kid doing stuff on his/her computer at all times. No parent would want their kid to grow like this. So setting a time limit for them to use the internet and play games online would not limit their interaction, social interactions, and other things. Rather doing so will keep them in touch with the technology and with the real world.

Utilizing all these above-mentioned techniques, you won’t appear clingy or bossy to your kid- yet you’ll be protecting your kid from all the harmful things online. Implementing these parental control tactics for your kid’s online safety is necessary in today’s world.

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