Nowadays, many people are turning to online dating sites to find their perfect match. If you’re tempted to search for the love of your life online, you should be aware of some of the dangers that could be lurking. Making yourself aware of these online dangers can help you avoid becoming a victim. Here are some of the biggest threats that are often found in the online dating world.


Sympathy Scams

You may find yourself exchanging messages with a special someone on an online dating site. This person might tell you that he or she or a family member is struggling with finances because of a death, a medical condition or other hardship. You might then be asked to send money to help ease some of the financial burden. Turning this request down could be difficult if you’ve established a deep connection with the person and your feelings of love have overtaken your good logic. If you ever come across this scenario, you’re likely dealing with a scammer who has created a fake dating profile and concocted a false story to try to get money out of you. It’s best to cease communications with anyone like this immediately and report them to the dating site’s administrators.

Identity Theft

Thieves often look for vulnerable targets on dating sites who are willing to share their personal information with them. Never give your social security number or credit card number to anyone who asks for it on a dating site. Giving your phone number, home address or personal details about friends or family should also not be done when you’re just starting to communicate with someone online. Online dating sites also sometimes experience security breaches that could compromise your personal information and lead to identity theft.

STD Risks

No matter how you choose to get back into the dating pool, romantic relationships sometimes pose certain health risks. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be spread during intimate encounters, and people who look completely healthy can carry and pass along these diseases. HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis are among the most common STDs that people can catch through sexual contact. It’s also important to be aware of the dangers of herpes and genital warts, which are also known to spread through intimate encounters. Before engaging in any sexual relationships with people you meet online, it’s best to get to know these individuals better to find out if they carry any STDs along with their STD testing history. Some romantic prospects might be dishonest about their sexual pasts, so it’s always wise to use condoms to reduce your chances of contracting any STDs.

Bodily Harm

Meeting in person with someone who you met online could prove to be a dangerous ordeal if you’re not careful. Assaults have been known to occur on unsuspecting victims who thought that they were meeting the person of their dreams. Unscrupulous individuals online might have the goal of assaulting someone they meet in person to steal money or property for them or just for a personal thrill. If you decide to meet someone in person, you should notify friends and family of the location where you’ll be meeting as well as details about how long the meeting is expected to last. Carrying self-defense weapons on you or learning some self-defense fighting techniques can also help you escape from any dangerous individuals. Women are especially vulnerable to attacks from online predators and often need to file lawsuits in court to get compensation to pay for medical bills and other expenses related to their bodily injuries. Despite our modern attitudes of gender equality, Jeffrey Preszler of says that women receive less in compensation than men from serious personal injury lawsuits. That’s why it’s important for women to choose an attorney who is experienced in working with victims of these types of crimes and will fight for their rights.


Even though this might be more of a betrayal of the heart than a danger to your personal safety or financial well-being, infidelity is a rampant theme in the online dating community. Certain individuals who are already married or in serious, committed relationships might post profiles indicating that they’re single and looking for love. Some statistics even put the number of online daters who are already in serious relationships as high as over 50 percent. You could wind up dealing with a lot of heartaches if you find out that someone who you’re interested in is already taken. Unfaithful individuals are also usually more dishonest in other areas of their life, which could cause additional problems for you.

Learning to identify and avoid these potential dangers can keep you out of harm’s way while searching for romance online. Even though your emotions may be running high if you find a special connection, it’s still important to play it safe.

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