Find me a person who doesn’t love the NBA and doesn’t have a love for basketball. From Michael Jordan to Kobe and LeBron James, we adore every NBA player and that’s why we don’t want to miss their live games. NBA season of this year was canceled due to pandemic but we still hope the next NBA seasons would be held successfully. Well, till then we can watch some old NBA games and their special highlights and can be prepared already for some free sites to watch NBA live. Reddit NBA Streams was one of the best subreddit on Reddit that used to provide direct links to live NBA streaming.

But since Reddit is cleaning its house and Reddit NBA Streams is no longer available on the social media so, it is the time you should be known about some other free live sports streaming sites where you can watch NBA, as well as other sports, live. Let us give you the best sites to watch sports live that can be best Reddit NBA Streams alternatives.


Top Reddit NBA Streams Alternatives | Best Free Sites to Watch Live Sports and NBA


Nothing like starting with a free sports streaming sites like Reddit NBA Streams that is completely based on streaming, as that will be the future of this type of portal. Stream2Watch is a free option that you can access from anywhere to view your sports matches in the best quality available and without annoying breaks. Broadcasts are taken from the world’s leading sports channels, including paid ones, but are now within your sight.

On the other hand, Stream2Watch not only provides NBA broadcasts, but there is also room for other sports such as cycling or tennis, the Olympic games, the major leagues, and European or American cups, among many other additional options. You have the opportunity to select the language of reproduction, in case you prefer to see it in its original language. Of course, there are some ads throughout the site, something you can solve with a good Adblocker.


By its name you can get the idea that it is a streaming transmission platform. In addition, all available channels are highlighted by the most important leagues and championships around the world, be they American or European. Of course, be prepared to see ads everywhere, but if you allow us the same recommendation, install an AdBlocker.

StreamSports is one of the best platforms to watch live sports and an alternative to Reddit NBA Streams but it also offers you some other popular sports like tennis, soccer, and MMA for live streaming as well. American football league like NFL can also be streamed at this platform.


If language is your main concern, perhaps VipBox is the strongest option you will find. With it, you will be able to enjoy thousands of broadcasts of any sport, since they take into account even the most basic and least recognized leagues to offer you a link from where to view them. You also have the opportunity to add some settings, change the playback quality, and many other things for yourself.

Reddit NBA Streams is the place where you get direct links of NBA streams and that’s what VIPBox does for you. You don’t have to try various links as you are going to find all the working NBA streaming links on this site.

My P2P

Another alternative to Reddit NBA Streams that you cannot stop trying is My P2P. This platform stands out for providing you with spectacular sports channels and broadcasts and in their original language, although that depends on where the signal comes from. So, you can watch NBA live for free on this free sports streaming site. The space is responsible for publishing the signals of the most famous television channels of all, in real-time, and is barely displayed on the original screen, making it a quite impressive alternative to watch football.

In that sense, My P2P organizes its content by several tabs, just like the previous ones. There are several sports to see, including horse racing, which is a discipline that is rarely seen on this type of platform. However, what receives the most attention are the channels on football and cricket, since most of the searches that reach the page do so to view that content.

Live TV

Watching live TV from the computer is nothing new, but if we take advantage of the most spectacular channels in sport and combine it with a streaming service, things will surely change. Live TV is an incredible proposal that will allow you to enter the most prestigious world of live sports streaming where live NBA streaming can be enjoyed. Other sports include baseball, soccer, and even cricket.

It should be noted that Live TV is a space that is organized by tabs. This organization depends on the sport, the quality, and the language. Speaking of the language, the website is translated into five of them. Although this is mainly due to the interface, you will also be able to find matches in those five options and you will only have to choose them from the respective tab. Now, if you are concerned with schedules, there are content grids for each channel.


The most recognized sports chain so far joins the group of alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams, since it has launched its own online platform so that we can access it and enjoy all its content. ESPN has two versions: one Premium and the other free. But the differences are practically nil. From now on we can tell you that you have the opportunity to take advantage of the live broadcasts of various networks, but especially that of ESPN itself and its sisters.

The player settings are present at all times, in case you want to enlarge it, expand the screen, or even select the quality. On the other hand, forget about the ads in this alternative, because there is none of that. In fact, there are many more reasons to start with subscriptions to this service, so run to try it out.

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