Why P2P4U is the most popular free live sports streaming website?

This undeniable fact that P2P4U is one of the most trusted websites to watch live sports events and live sports TV channels. But the more interesting thing is that P2P4U is totally free and still doesn’t run ads. So you don’t have to deal with the ads or any ad popup when you are watching any sports on P2P4U. P2P4U boxing and P2P4U Google are some of the most searched keywords on the internet. On its homepage, it says that it is way better than its competitor FirstRow sports.

To sustain in the market it has replicated its homepage and UI just like FirstRow Sports but P2P4U has got fast streaming servers so you would have a hassle-free video streaming experience. Another reason for P2P4U’s huge popularity is that it doesn’t force to sign up to enjoy all the content but we suggest registering as it will open many doors of the free stuff on this site. The live sports channels are available in high-quality and you can watch them on your phone as well on your PC.

Here are the features of P2P4U:

  • Real-time live score on the homepage
  • Free football streaming along with cricket, boxing, motorsports, tennis, basketball, and many more
  • No ads on this P2P4U
  • Dedicated soccer category for football fans
  • Users can add streams and video via its “add” option
  • HQ sports streaming service
  • All these things must be enough to convince you that P2P4U is undoubtedly the best live sports streaming service without any cost.

Why you should check out P2P4U alternatives 2021?

Now after knowing all the features and things about P2P4U, you must be thinking of this site is that good then why should I need alternatives to P2P4U? The answer is simple. There are many sites like P2P4U that offer various features that P2P4U doesn’t offer. Every person has a different preference and they want something more.

P2P4U can be enough for most of you but people interested in different sports that are offered by P2P4U then you really need to check out some other free sites as well. Another vital reason is that P2P4U and all the sites like P2P4U which offers free sports streaming services are illegal and that is why you cannot rely on any single so you need to be prepared with the next best site. Here are some of the top P2P4U alternatives in 2021 that you really need to check out.

Top alternatives to P2P4U 2021


If you have looked at other sites to check some of the best sites to stream live sports online then you must have to find VIPLeague on the list. VIPLeague can be the best alternative to P2P4U in 2021. There are several reasons that make this site to be bookmarked on your browser. The homepage of the site is really attractive as it mentions all of the sports that are offered for live streaming on this site. The list includes football, American football, tennis, UFC, WWE, tennis, boxing, cricket, and many others.

It doesn’t ask you to sign up but if you want to use all of its offerings that you should sign up. On top of the site, you will get an option named “games currently live online” where you can watch live sports events. It also provides an option to watch UK and US TV channels. So if you are looking for a great site to stream HQ sports events then VIPLeague could be the best P2P4U alternatives.


Stream2watch deserved to be on the top of the list as is service is one of the most phenomenal I have experienced personally. I tried it on my phone but it asked for the register but when I tried on the laptop, it plays out a live sports channel without any problem. Though two ad popups will appear but the site is free so, you can skip that.

The UI on the site is really simple as it has a search box on the main page where you can search for any sports channel and it will give you the link to it. The multiple sources of live streams are also provided so you don’t have to deal with failure while streaming. Whether you are looking for P2P4U alternatives or any best sports streaming site this should be top on your list.


This P2P4U alternative has made its place on this list because of the many extraordinary features this site is offering. On its homepage, you have got categories like football, highlights, live score, basketball, tennis, motorsports, ice hockey, rugby, and others. It will also show you the “today’s live events” which show the current games that are being played. You can also check out the events according to the country name of the leagues.

The description at bottom of the site describes that this P2P4U alternative has many games to offer free live sports channels and events but it has the main focus on football. So, if you are a football fan and looking for a site dedicated to football live streaming for free then put sportp2p on your list. It also stated that links to live events will appear one hour before the beginning of the game.

FirstRow Sports

As I mentioned in the introduction that P2P4U is a replica of FirstRow Sports in terms of presentation and interface. So while looking for the best alternatives to P2P4U then this has to be on your list. There is no explanation of this is needed as if you have tried P2P4U then this has no difference other than the streaming servers. It has got football, basketball, rugby, American football, baseball, boxing, WWE, UFC, and many sports games for free live streaming. The P2P4U is more bent towards football while FirstRow Sports has many other game events for free live streaming.

In other words, we can P2P4U a lite version of FirstRow Sports as later has got many other things including more channels and more games while P2P4U has got the football and some other games in the option. So if you are looking for the best similar site like P2P4U then this parent site of P2P4U could be the best for you.

Final words…

P2P4U is one of the best in the live sports streaming segment but if you want to explore sites it then, these 4 P2P4U alternatives definitely should be on your bookmark list. There are hundreds of sites where you can watch live sports without any cost but I found these at the top considering various features. If you know some other similar sites then you can tell the names in the comment box.