Many users are searching on Google about content:// and want to know what exactly it is. If you are a little aware of the technology and know a few things about device security then you might have heard about the Avast Antivirus app. “Avast” is mentioned in the keyword which shows that it is all about Avast antimalware app for android smartphones and tablets. Although, the Avast antivirus tool is also available for Windows PC and other similar gadgets.

We read now and then about the fraud or malware attack on people through email or app. And that is why to secure your devices and yourself, you need to install a reliable and trusted antivirus app on the devices. Avast orcontent:// is one such tool that can be installed on your smartphone run on Android OS. It would protect you from cyber attackers and viruses like trojan and ransomware. Here, we have got everything you need to know about content://


How to Install Avast Antivirus on a Smartphone?

This antivirus tool is available on Google Play Store and it can be downloaded for zero cost on any smartphone. Some Android phones come with this powerful antivirus app. It is totally free and we suggest downloading the app from the official app store and downloading APK from third-party app stores or websites may pose a risk or malware or adware to your device. So just download and install content://

What Does Avast Antivirus Do?

As we said in the introduction that Avast is a well-known and trusted antivirus tool used by millions of users worldwide so, the basic purpose of the app is to protect your device from any possible threat or virus. It blocks unnecessary and all spam calls & messages. Just like its Avast PC, Avast mobile app frequently scans your smartphone for any threat or malware and helps to clean caches and temp files that occupy space on the device. It creates a firewall in a device and guarantees the safety and security of every vital file saved on your Android smartphone.

Advantages of Avast Antivirus

With the description given in the above parts of the articles, you might have gotten familiar with the basic function of Avast Antivirus and what it actually does. You can install check its function by yourself but if you are still in dilemma then these benefits of Avast Antivirus app will be enough to convince to use this app.

Photo Vault – If you want to keep your photos very private so no one can have access to it then Avast has a feature of Photo Vault that will keep your image collection with the password or biometric protection.

Antivirus Engine – Avast for Android automatically scan for malware and viruses in devices and also web activities,

Wi-Fi Security – When you are using public WiFi or unsecured internet connection then Avast will help you to establish a secure connection even if you are making bank transactions.

Junk Cleaner – Avast helps to clean all the temp files, cache, and remaining files of uninstalled apps.

App Insights – It keeps track of your usage of all apps and tells you which app you use the most.

Online Safety – Avast will inform you when you access any sites that may contain malware or pose a risk to your device.

Power Saving Feature – Some features of the smartphone drink the battery juice unnecessary and that is when Avast helps to improve the battery performance by power-saving mode.

Is Avast The Best Antivirus App for Android Phones?

With more than 100 million downloads alone from Google, Play Stores states that Avast is undoubtedly one of the most trusted antimalware apps among Android smartphone users. The app is totally but with its premium plans, users can access many additional features like VPN, secret camera click option, ad blockage, apps lock, and some others.

The free features of the app are enough to protect your device and that is why it has earned the trust of many users around the globe. So, the bottom line is that Avast is really the best free antivirus app from Android phones. Just on Play Store and download and install content://