Dice games progress quickly, are always fun, and portable to boot. At times the gameplay is even the right amount of quirky, making them a great addition to parties or game nights. When playing board games, there is nothing quite better than the tangible feel that comes with holding a pair of dice. So if you are feeling lucky, grab a dice-based game and enjoy yourself.

Looking for board game options to play? Life Hack shows you that there are many more where these came from, and they will give your gray cells the workout you never expected. So from the few hundreds or thousands of popular dice games, we present some of the ideal ones based on game duration, the number of players involved, and how age-appropriate they are. These dice games represent many of the innovative ways they can be used and the fun element they underline with regard to the gameplay.


1.   Ludo:

Ludo is a board that has a veritable cult following. Ludo has one of the largest playing communities among the many board games available both offline and online. It involves some amount of strategy with a more significant tilt toward luck. After all, the roll of the die is what will help you take your opponent’s tokens out and land in either the safe spots or reach home. The primary aim of the players is to head home safely, which is quite the challenge as all hope for the same thing and look to win by any means necessary. Today’s lucky and oh-so-fortunate board game enthusiasts can even download Ludo app should they wish to try their hand at this age-old board game.

2.   Elder Sign:

Elder Sign as a game sought inspiration from the chilling fables conjured up by one H.P. Lovecraft. There are clues to solve, monsters to fight, and finally extinguish the big bad at the very end. The spooky theme that permeates the game has won Elder Sign much acclaim, and the stories it tells work in its favor too.

Each of the game’s mushrooming add-ons has fundamentally altered its nature from a no-frills one to offering a pass time flush with a narrative experience brimming with creativity, intrigue, and horror.

3.   Liar’s Dice:

A fistful of guile, a dollop of trickery, and a pinch of truth are what you need to win at Liar’s Dice! Playing this game requires you to roll your dice in the given cups but keep them from prying eyes. Next, you get to choose a number, one through six, and guess how many of those are in the other player’s cups. Liar’s Dice has been popular since the days of the Incan Empire around the 15th century. Back then, it was titled dudo and slowly made its way to other Latin American countries from Peru. At some point in history, the Spanish conquistadors took the game to Europe.

4.   Escape: The Curse of the Temple:

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is no run-of-the-mill dice game with its real-time gameplay. Players have to have each other’s back if they are to escape the cursed temple. The board comprises room tiles that are only revealed once players make their moves. Along with locating the exit tile, players also have to hunt for magic gems as they make escape easier. With all players simultaneously rolling their dice to get to the next room as briskly as they can, things are sure to get messy. Occasionally players can get stuck, requiring others to rescue them. Coupled with the board game is a ten-minute soundtrack that works as a countdown reminding you to escape the temple or else you will meet your doom.

5.   Yahtzee:

Yahtzee supports multiple dice; usually, there are five of them. Each player gets to roll the dice up to three times with the hope of obtaining the numbers in one of thirteen categories. The categories are of many kinds. Some are three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, straight, full house, etc. Each type has its own score, and once all players enter a score of nil value across all categories, the game is over. The scores are tallied, and as is customary, the one with the highest score wins.

6.   The Mad Game:

The Mad Game is based on the zany attributes and characters of the Mad magazine. It is the exact opposite of Monopoly, where you have to accumulate wealth and bankrupt the other players. In the Mad game, the first player to lose all their money wins! Yes, you heard that right! If that sounds ridiculous, the gameplay is even more bizarre. The board resembles the Monopoly one a fair bit and has two inner tracks that players have to navigate as well. Each player begins the game with $10,000 in hand. Order of play moves counter-clockwise, and dice are to be rolled with the left hand only; otherwise, you gain $500. Certain spots on the board and the “Card” cards give you unusual challenges to fulfill, with acting like a chicken among them. Some give you extra money or make you exchange cash or spots with another player. You’re out of luck if the player you’re exchanging money or seats with has more cash than you. Ever played a game where you tried to lose all your money? If this kind of madcap fun sounds right up your alley, then jump right in. This list has something for everyone, from games that require serious teamwork to games with easy and hilarious gameplay. So which one would you pick first?

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