Developed by Schrroms using Pokemon Essentials, Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fresh entry to the cult-favorite’s Pokemon franchise. This game redefines the concept of DNA splicers from Black and White 2, except this time, you can use it on every Pokemon.

All you have to do is blend any two Pokemon together to get an entirely new character. You’ll be surprised to know that around 176,400 unique combinations exist in the game, thus keeping you engaged.

However, like other games of the Pokemon franchise, its availability on the Android platform is still a matter of concern for gamers. And as always, you cannot avail of this classic title from Google Play Store or any other official platform. But don’t panic, as our team took the liberty of finding the easiest method to get the job done.

So, keep scrolling and find everything you need to know about this old-school classic. We hope this write-up will inspire and help you on the journey toward downloading the Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your Android phone or tablet.

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The Key Features of the Pokemon Infinite Fusion

The game is based on the Pokemon Fusion Generator and is packed with numerous features that set it apart from other titles in this franchise. Let’s take a quick overview of the key features of the Pokemon Infinite Fusion and see what makes the game worth an additional effort.

  • It allows you to bring out your creative side and features over 176 400 unique combinations.
  • The game is packed with 16 badges that you’ll get after fighting all 16 gym leaders from the Johto and Kanto regions.
  • It lets you explore Sevii Island, so you can discover some exotic Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Infinite Fusion is home to 25 legendary Pokemon and has over 20K custom sprites handcrafted by the community.
  • With this, you can nickname Pokemon directly from the menu to make the search a bit easier.
  • It features all-new moves and abilities from gen 5 to 7.
  • Other specialized features include Reversed Mode, Classic Mode, Integrated Speed-Up Button, WonderTrade Simulator, Fairy Type, and Faster Day/ Night System.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android Download Guide

Wondering whether the Pokemon Infinite Fusion is available on Android smartphones or not? Well, thankfully, it is. But here’s a catch. The game isn’t available on Google Play Store; hence, you must make some additional efforts to get it.

Buckle up and follow the steps below to play this one-of-a-kind game on an Android device. Here, we have outlined the process to download this game using Joiplay’s official website to avoid any mess.

  1. Go to Joiplay’s official URL and follow the prompt to download the Joiplay RPG Maker Plugin. In addition, you also download the Crosswalk Plug-in, especially if you are facing an in-battle text not showing error. Remember that these plug-ins are mandatory to start the game; hence, they must be downloaded beforehand.
  2. Once done, move further to download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Be mindful that the download process takes a few extra seconds than usual; hence, you should be calm when the process is going on.
  3. Remember that the game is downloaded in a ZIP file. Hence, you must extract the game file before moving to the next step.
  4. As soon as the extraction is done, launch Joiplay and select the “+” button. Click a tab saying “Empty Choose,” and find the game.exe file.
  5. Let the game bootup and the Pokemon Infinite Fusion is now ready to play.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion is one of the recent additions to the Pokemon series. Although it is a fan-made project, the game still leaves gamers awestruck with its compelling gameplay and tons of possible combinations. Not to mention that the game doesn’t require any special emulator or other ROM hack to get started.

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