You might ask what your phone can do for you in 2023. However, it

might be more appropriate to ask what can’t your phone can’t do for you in 2023. You only have to have that heart-stopping moment of thinking you have lost your phone to know that your life is managed and organized via the smartphone you thought was in your pocket.

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Have you really lost your phone?

What is clever is that your phone can tell you where it is when you have lost it. After a fruitless search through pockets and bags, you might wonder if it is in the house at all. If you use an iPhone and have ‘find my phone’ activated, you can log on via another device and find where your phone is. While it will not tell you its precise location, you can see the address it is at. So you can see if your phone is in your home or if you have left it somewhere else. Furthermore, using ‘find my phone’, you can get it to ping, to help you locate it. While this is not a new feature, it is valuable and important to remember.

Integrated motoring

If you are key phobic, you might find a feature on several new cars that will make you smile. In 2022 a swathe of manufacturers launched new models that meant you no longer needed a key to get on the road. And that is not all; many vehicle manufacturers now have smartphone-connected app functionality. Buick, Chevrolet, Audi, and BMW are just some of the motoring giants whose latest models allow you to do the following:

  • Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your car from anywhere
  • Send destination information to your car’s sat nav
  • Start your car from your phone remotely, allowing you to warm it up without having to brave the weather outside.
  • Stop your car from running remotely.
  • Check your tire pressure and other diagnostics from your phone
  • For electric cars, check range, battery levels, and different essential settings
  • Use your phone’s GPS to request roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.
  • Send the exact location of your vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Set up maintenance appointments and send alerts to your phone.
  • Locate your nearest service center
  • Locate your car on a map if you have forgotten where you parked it.

Answer your messages on the move

In addition, most modern cars also allow you to plug your phone in and, using CarPlay, take safe control of your phone while motoring. You can use voice recognition to send text and WhatsApp messages, and CarPlay will read out any answers. All you have to do is focus on driving. You can control all your music and listening using CarPlay – the important thing is to have a data cable. In addition, your phone charges, so it is ready for continued use when you arrive at your destination.

Access the best in entertainment

Whether you like to use your phone at home or on the go, one thing you can be sure of is that you can access the very best in entertainment from your smartphone. You can listen to radio shows, watch movies, play online games with friends, or virtually visit the best live casino. All the latest phone models also have the technology inbuilt to allow you to cast the images to a larger screen. Moreover, you are not limited to the screen size of your device. Without any cables, you can select the screen you want to view on. In addition, you can access other apps and programs on your phone without interrupting what is happening on the big screen.

Monitor your health

Your phone has plenty of inbuilt functions that can help you keep on top of your health. For example, did you know that your phone keeps track of the number of steps you take daily (obviously, it cannot count them if you leave it on your desk or down the back of the sofa!)? It also records how many flights of steps you have climbed. You can also use it to keep track of your weight, and it will let you know your average weight over a period of time. In addition, some of the latest apps allow you to monitor your heart rate.

Keep up to date with all your finances

We now use our phones to pay for our purchases when out and about. Phones have e-wallets where our payment card details are securely stored. This means we can go out without taking our traditional wallets or payment cards with us. In addition, using banking apps means that we can keep on top of purchases and check account balances wherever we are. If you are into trading on the stock market, you can also use your phone to keep up with all the movements.

Take the very best photos

Every phone that comes out seems to have a more advanced camera and lens than the last model. This means we can now take stunning photos and films without lugging any other equipment around. In addition, all kinds of features enhance image quality and even allow stunning pictures to be taken when there is little natural light.

With new apps being constantly introduced, it seems there is no end to what our phones can do for us in 2023. The important thing is not to lose it (see paragraph two).