The “Pink Whale Challenge” is a game that encourages users to complete tasks for a social cause. It’s meant to be an alternative to the Blue Whale game, which urges participants to do progressively complex tasks over 50 days. When several cases of suicide were making headlines a few years back due to the mental effects of the Blue Whale challenge game, the Pink Challenge game was developed as the best alternative.

The game motivates and encourages people to love their lives and teach how to be grateful for what we have. It gives tasks for consecutive 29 days, and these tasks are straightforward to complete. The game is simple, and there are no dangerous tasks. The reason behind the instant success of the game was the emergence ban on Blue Whale Challenge in many countries, and parents were in need of a potential alternative to the game.

Blue Whale Challenge VS Pink Whale Challenge: Different Physical & Mental Challenges of Games 

The Blue Whale Challenge originated in Russia in 2016. The game is based on the concept of completing 50 tasks for 50 days. The goal is to win a prize, which can be anything from driving lessons to a new car. The “Challenge” has since spread across the world, too, with social media promotion and suicide hotlines set up to help people who are struggling with depression, anxiety or self-harm. 

There have been many cases of suicide attempts associated with the game, but no official numbers have been released. In this game, players are given complicated tasks to win. In the last task, some users are given a task to take their own lives, and many teenagers become prey to this game.

On the other hand, Pink Whale Challenge is a game that is a friendly alternative to Blue Whale Challenge. It is a game that aims to teach people about the value of life by giving you tasks that will feel ‘alive’ & encourage people to see the world. In contrast, the Blue Whale challenge encourages risk and doesn’t teach any lessons related to the value of life.

Playing the game of Pink Whale, which can be a perfect game for those who deal with mental problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress, can be an excellent way to relax and take your mind off what is going on in your life.

7 Reasons to Play Pink Whale Challenge

The main objective of the Pink Whale Challenge is to find different ways to encourage self-love and care for yourself. The challenge consists of five steps that are all about how you can show your appreciation for yourself. 

By participating in the Pink Whale Challenge, you can experience a different perspective on life. It is not about being self-centred and focusing on your own needs, but it’s about being thankful for what you have.

1) You can actively speak kind and positive things about yourself.

2) It Encourages self-love and appreciation

3) Write a Thank You Letter to Yourself

4) It teaches you to learn something new (small or big things)

5) It inspires to spend time outside in nature with yourself

6) You will begin to go on a walk, jog, hike or run

7) you will love to take care of the world around you

Challenges in Pink Whale Game

Challenges in Pink Whale Challenge games are very easy to complete. Unlike Blue Whale Challenge, players don’t need to stress to execute the tasks. In addition, as stated, all challenges inspire players to do something good, and they will love life. Here’s the complete list of all tasks in the Pink Whale Challenge game that have to perform in the next 30 days.

Day 1 => Write “I am beautiful” on your hand.

Day 2 => Think about yourself, your friends, and your family

Day 3 => Listen to some relaxing music and go to bed early

Day 4 => Take a bubble bath and play with the bubbles

Day 5 => Draw a heart on your hand if you think your life is worth it. If not, “punish” yourself by going to bed early

Day 6 => Watch satisfying/relaxing videos

Day 7 => Do something that makes you happy

Day 8 => Have some dessert after a meal

Day 9 => Spend an hour outside watching the clouds

Day 10 => Write “I am worth it” on a piece of paper until you believe it

Day 11 => Stay up late doing whatever you want; eating, drawing, watching movies etc.

Day 12 => Smile at yourself and make silly faces in a mirror

Day 13 => Give somebody a good, long hug

Day 14 => Go to the mall or online shop; you don’t need to buy anything 

Day 15 => Wake up early to watch the sunrise

Day 16 => Do your best on everything you do

Day 17 => Tell your family members you love them and give them a hug 

Day 18 => Doodle hearts on your hand or paper

Day 19 => Spend time with friends or family and take some time to meditate 

Days 20 to 29 => Repeat previous days and be kind to yourself and others

How To Make Your Phone or Computer Unavailable for Internet Fads or Games like the Blue Whale Challenge

The internet has been the source of many positive things, but it is also a source of negative things. Many topics on the internet can be harmful to yourself and your family. One such example is the Blue Whale Challenge. It was a popular game where participants had to complete 50 tasks that would cause them psychological distress and extreme mental stress before they died in real life.

There are currently no laws that protect people from such threats on the internet, so one must take care of themselves and their family by making their phone or computer unavailable for these games or trends.

Either way, you can play inspiring life games like Pink Whale Challenge, giving tasks that enhance self-love. However, you can stop playing games on your phone or computer that are addictive or have an increasing number of tasks, such as those found in the Blue Whale Challenge. You should also be careful with what apps you download and how you use them.

There are many ways to stop playing games with your phone or computer, but some are easier than others. These include:

1) Putting your phone on airplane mode

2) Locking your screen with a password, PIN, or pattern lock

3) Unplugging your device

4) Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

5) Permanently deleting games from your device

6) Using a Smartphone Lock App with timer and alarm clock functions.

7) Resort to games similar to Pink Whale Challenge

How to Avoid the Negative Effects of Internet Fads

Many people are often stuck in internet fads, and the challenging thing is that it’s difficult to notice when you have fallen into a trap. The key to avoiding internet fads is to learn the warning signs and recognize them as soon as they surface.

In order to avoid the negative effects of internet fads, we need to be on the lookout for warning signs such as:

  • A sudden change in your mood or perception of things
  • An increased level of anxiety in your life
  • A sudden increase in spending or debt
  • A loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities