Online casino operators are smart businesses. They know what works and how they can make sure they can continue to remain relevant. With so many options available to choose from, it has been born out of a necessity rather than a desire to be the best (although many still strive to do so).

One way in which the very best have been able to remain at the top is through the use of marketing strategies and tactics. Most recognized players and potential customers are interested in getting as much as they can for their money and entertainment, which is where bonuses and promotions come in.

Free spin offers have been one of the most prevalent rewards that are continually provided by online casinos. Players are attracted to these because they allow them to enjoy games without risking any of their money, thus allowing them to try them out for nothing.

On the face of things, it would appear strange for an online casino to offer these when they do not get anything for them.


Attracting New Players

With players continuing to look to get as much value for their money as possible, free spins bonuses have become ideal ways for those who wish to elevate the amount of entertainment they are able to obtain from their favorite games.

They are able to enjoy online slot games without fear of risking their own money when they are able to obtain the free spins that are offered. As a result, they will sign up to the site, which was the main aim of the operator. Once they have them signed up, they can then look to try and convert them into regular players, which can then have an impact on the revenues that are generated through consistent play.

Retaining Existing Customers

Although free spin bonuses may often be designed to attract new players, some casino sites will offer them to their existing customers, too. It has been used as a marketing tool to keep players engaged with the games that they offer on their sites, thus keeping them from going elsewhere and potentially spending any money that they might on a different site with them.

With the industry extremely competitive, online casinos rely heavily on loyalty. Bonuses and promotions like free spins can often be the difference between keeping a player on their site or losing them to a competitor.

Introducing New Games

With new slots continually being made available, a free spins promotion can be an ideal way for a casino operator to draw attention to it and potentially encourage gameplay.

Players may not be aware of a new release or are unwilling to try it out when they have to spend their own funds. However, a free spins bonus can take any risk associated with it away and provide gamers with a chance to enjoy a game without worry. If they enjoy it, they may be more prepared to keep playing with their own funds, thus generating more revenue for the casino.

Building Brand Reputation

Bonuses and promotions are often a measure of a brand’s reputation, as the gambling community will share the offers that they have found with each other. Those who continue to offer the best incentives will often be viewed among the best because of the perceived value that is being offered.

Players will feel happier to engage when they know they are being treated fairly and are able to enjoy better value for their money by the online casino. A free spins bonus can often provide this feeling, hence why they are used often.

Building Revenue

The primary aim of an online casino is to generate revenue. They do this by keeping players engaged and happy for as long as possible. Free spins can help them to achieve this better than other promotions may.

Players may find that they enjoy a game so much that they continue to want to play once their free spins expire or have been used. This can lead to them using their own money to continue playing. As they do, the casino continues to generate revenue.

The Bottom Line

Online casinos use free spin bonuses as part of their strategy for drawing new customers and keeping existing ones. At its heart lies revenue; even though this strategy may cost them nothing or incur only minimal costs directly, many sites have taken full advantage of this tactic over time and seen considerable benefits.

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