Instagram is fun and if you are a social geek then you might know that a few years ago Instagram introduced an amazing feature where you can post a story that lasts for 24 hours on your profile and then you can archive it as highlights to show it after 24 hours to all the users who visit your profile. The concept behind posting stories is that you can show others what are you up to or what are you doing right now and something like that. You can check how many people have viewed your story plus you can see who particularly your stories with their username. But what if you want to watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously? In this article, we are going to show you how you can stalk someone’s Instagram stories and remain anonymous.

You’re here because you want to be able to stalk someone without being caught so we are going to share with you some methods, apps, and tools that you can use on your desktop as well as your mobile phone. There are several apps and websites on the internet that claim that users can watch anyone’s Instagram stories without informing them or without being caught in their View list. But most of fake websites and apps ask you to login with the username and password of your Instagram handle and that may sometime leave a trace (It’s a risk to your privacy). So here are some of the best methods where you can watch anyone’s Instagram stories anonymously and without them knowing you have seen it.

Important Note: Before we head, you need to know that you can’t watch a person’s posts or stories who has kept his Instagram account private. So these all websites and tools will allow you to watch open (Public) Instagram accounts.

Method 1: How to watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously 

So in the first method, we are going to tell you about a website named This is one of the tops and best tools to watch stories without being seen in their “view” list. You don’t have to log in to this website with your Instagram credentials or it will not ask you to create an account to use it. It works on desktop and all mobile devices with browser support.

How does it work? You just have to open the website and search for the Instagram username of the person or the account that you want to stalk. And you will see all the stories on the webpage just like you are watching images or video on any other website.

Some amazing perks of using this website are that you can download any story (photo, video, or text) to your device directly from the site. Plus, it will also show you the exact time when the story was posted by the user that Instagram doesn’t tell you (it just says approx hours). Users can also watch regular posts. So use this website and remain unknown and stalk your crush’s Instagram.

Method 2: How to watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously

If you have come here after some research or visiting some videos and posts then you might have encountered a website called This works on any computer or the mobile device that you use with the internet connection. So you go into this website, you don’t have to log in to your account or anything like that. Just search for a username and then you can just tap onto their stories and they never know. The process of using this tool is just the same as mentioned above.

The amazing thing about using that it will show the metrics of the profile where you can see who are the best friends (top ten), and top ten check-ins with average and likes on the posts. Just like a mobile app, you have click or tap on the profile photo and you will be able to watch all the stories of the person as anonymous.

But there are some cons of using this site is that you can’t see the highlights of the person here. Another drawback of using this site is that if you use it on your mobile device then you have to face a lot of ad pop-up covering the content on the website. This site won’t allow you to save or download stories.

Final Words:

There are some other apps available for iOS and Android that will allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously but we recommend you to use as such apps may ask you to login with your Instagram username and password. You can use these above-mentioned websites even if you don’t have an Instagram account. If you have some other trick or you know any other website or tool where you can stalk Instagram stories of any person without being seen.