Here, I explain to PS3: How to Uninstall Apps and Games and free some hard drive space on your Sony PS3 so see below guide to very big help for Uninstall Apps and Games.

Here, Xbox 360 only certain games on the PlayStation 3 such as Resistance 3 and Skyrim allow you to install game data on the system and after these installs are mandatory and the first time you insert the game main menu or Options screen, depending on the game. Install sizes are typically 2GB to 6GB of data and after your PS3 hard drive can fill to capacity on just installed games after helpful this Guide.

PS3: How to Uninstall Apps

Step 1: Go main menu.

Step 2: After use your controller to highlight the app.

Step 3: After do not press X to open it.

Step 4: After press Triangle and a menu will appear.

Step 5: Now your selection to highlight Delete.

Step 6: After then press X to select it.

Step 7: Done.

PS3: How to Uninstall Games

Step 1: Go to Game menu.

Step 2: highlight Game Data Utility.

Step 3: After then press “X” to select it.

Step 4: Your selection to the game you wish to remove.

Step 5: Press Triangle on the controller

Step 6: Menu will appear to the right.

Step 7: See Delete after then press X on the controller to select it.

Step 8: Highlight Yes.

Step 9: After then press X on the controller to select it.

Step 10: Done.

Now Games install data to your hard drive such as game updates and you are no longer plan on playing a certain game after you may want to remove this data that is best all time for this.

Now completed guide for PS3: How to Uninstall Apps and Games and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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