Minecraft is among the most popular online games today. If you have played this game, you know how interesting the worlds it offers. You will find multiple worlds here, but they are also scary and lonely. Many times, you see surprising terrors in your village. There are several dangers that can hurt and destroy you in many ways. Nonetheless, villagers and what they do in this game are something that enhances your gaming experience.

However, the Minecraft community has several questions about their villagers. These villagers are often attacked by zombies or get killed by wild animals. But the question is how long their life would be if they were not killed or infected. Do villagers die for natural reasons? And, the main question is, do villagers Despawn in Minecraft? With this article, we would like to solve several questions many Minecraft players have about villagers. We will also tell you how you can keep villagers from despawning.


After How Much Time Things Despawn in Minecraft?

Before we learn about the despawning of villagers, you need to learn about other things’ despawning time. FYI, any item dropped in the gameplay gets disappeared within five minutes. Other things like arrows and tridents take a minute to despawn. So, how much time does it take to despawn villagers, or do they not despawn at all?

Do Villagers Despawn?

When no one is around in the game, several things despawn. So, when you, as a player, are not around villagers within a 128-block radius, some mobs may despawn. Similarly, mobs without a player within a 32-block radius despawn automatically. Nonetheless, each mob has a different despawn time. A mob that doesn’t have a dedicated nametag despawn immediately. Unlike mob, villagers are immune from getting despawn. Villagers do not despawn in Minecraft. But it is a hard job to keep villagers alive. As we described in the introduction, some multiples ways can kill villagers. For instance, they can get killed by wild animals, become zombies, be struck by lightning, starved to death, or be murdered by a mob.

Therefore, many players try to save villagers at all costs for a long time. There are many ways to keep your villagers alive.

How to Keep My Villagers from Despawning?

Keep Them in Quarantine

Getting quarantine is keeping humans safe in today’s pandemics scene. Staying at home all-time can be safe for villagers as well. If your villagers do not get exposed to any danger, you villagers will live for a long time. There are various ways in which villagers can die. Even normal incidents can kill your villagers. So, always keeping your people in a safe home can keep them alive for a long time.

Keep The Space Well-Lit

One of the most common reasons why you villagers can die is a zombie attack. However, zombies are afraid of the light, and they come only when the light is dim. Thus, you have to be sure that your villagers are living in a place with well light. We suggest keeping lights above level seven is safe.

Make Sure They Are Housed

In order to keep your villagers safe, you have to keep them in a proper house. If you think you can keep them safe in a house without a roof is safe, then you are wrong. Don’t leave them in a proper house without the open sky.

Keep Them in a Village

A proper and the most important way to keep you villagers safe is to keep in the village. When your villagers get lost from your village and are far from the village, over 32-blocks away, they will forget about their lives after six seconds. Thus, it would be safe for villagers to keep them in the village all the time.

Do Villagers Respawn?

You can keep your villagers safe by applying the aforementioned ways. But somehow, you have lost your villagers, then how can you respawn villagers. Do villagers respawn? Well, villagers in Minecraft are designed just like a real human. They cannot be resurrected from the dead. However, when your villager gets attacked by zombies or similar things and gets infected, there are some ways to respawn them. You can rebuild your village in different ways.

Breeding Villagers

Just like it needs a couple to breed other humans, you need villagers to have more villagers in your village. In case if you don’t have villagers, you can borrow a couple of villagers from a different village. It may sound like human trafficking, but you have to do it. Once you have a pair of male and female, you can inspire them to breed. Thus, you may have to kidnap a few villagers to breed more villagers.

Nonetheless, you cannot force villagers to breed. Their willingness is required to breed and create an intimate relationship. In addition, you need to have free beds in your village as well as enough food inventory for villagers. Food is a fundamental requirement here. As long as you have enough food, beds, and pair develops intimacy, your village will have many villagers.

Curing Zombie Villagers

As we said, zombies are a great problem for your villagers. Once zombies have taken over your village, it seems you cannot do anything. But you can find and cure a zombie village of your own or one that you have found. You will need Arrow of Weakness, potion of weakness, or splash potion of weakness. With these items, you can cure zombie villagers.                                                                                                                                                                  

There is a process to cure such villagers that are a bit complicated. You need to make sure that villagers are away from sunlight. Thus, you will have to take them anywhere safely. Then, give them the potion and shoot with an arrow. This will make them weak. At this time, you can give them the golden apple. Now, they will shake and discharge red swirls. After a while, they will become normal villagers. Now you can start your own village.

Now you know how to cure zombie villagers. While following the process, you need to make sure that you take these villagers back to their village.

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